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  3. My Nylon Stuff

    Me in my shiny Nylon Tracksuits and Shorts.
  4. Pink sleeves up

    Your preference - sleeves up or down?
  5. Nice and wet

    Love a wet shiny jacket!
  6. Any Good?

    Any comments would be appreciated.
  7. Girls Playing With Nylon Jacket

    @Nickilein I do not even destroy these jackets, but if it does a woman in front of my eyes, it makes me somehow hot, but rather because I'm tired of the jacket ... But it's also nice to know that there are women who like such jackets, just like you
  8. Nice vidéo

  9. Last week
  10. jd_010406_c.jpg

    Amen! I am so happy they are back in fashion and I too would love to see porn stuff with people wearing adibreaks.
  11. Girls Playing With Nylon Jacket

    i'm sorry, but it makes me angry to see, when pepole destroy souch beutiyful clothing.. may be some pepole like it, but i not!
  12. jd_010406_c.jpg

    These pants are amazing! I would love to see porn vid with adidas trackies
  13. 20180114_210933_HDR.jpg

    Hello, love your pictures you post! Pm me
  14. She's got nothing on...

    ... but her k-Way
  15. Movies/Tv shows

    Oh yeah, I also saw a female in Adidas Black Nylon Pants and a white shirt on either MSNBC or HLN (on some murder show). In fact, she (the female in Adidas Black Nylon Pants and a white shirt) and another female were in love with each other. Now, I saw her (the female in Black Adidas Nylon Pants and a white shirt) and that other female (who I don't WHAT kind of pants she was wearing) on MSNBC or HLN on that murder show. Apparently, they both had a "disagreement" or whatever and stuff happened. There was another female in Black Adidas Nylon Pants and a sweater (it's not the same female on that murder show on HLN/MSNBC) on the show "COPS" (everyone knows that show). I don't remember which episode of "COPS" that the female with the Black Adidas Nylon Pants and a sweater was in, but she was somewhat arguing with the cop (but not TOO argumentative). Oh yeah, Aunt Vivian (from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air) wore pink nylon pants, a pink nylon jacket and a pink shirt (dancing in the pink nylon pants, pink nylon jacket and pink shirt) with Uncle Phil in his purple nylon pants and a purple nylon jacket. I just remembered that a female on some show that I can't remember wore Black Adidas Nylon Pants (it was some weird, creepy show). Oh yeah, there were at least THREE or more females I saw wearing nylon pants on the show called "Fear Factor". (It was a very gross/hard to swallow kind of show, trust me). The first female I saw on Fear Factor wearing nylon pants was this white female who wore dark blue nylon pants and a blue t-shirt early on in one of the episode (the episode in question might be on Season 1 or 2 of Fear Factor) and then black nylon pants and a red shirt towards the end of it (she was eating BULL testicles and then she was trying to navigate a cave full of water). Needless to say, she got scared and gave up. The second female I saw on Fear Factor was this black female who wore blue nylon pants and a blue t-shirt and she was crossing a rope trying to get a flag from building to building. She had a nice nylon bosom. The third female I saw on Fear Factor was white (just like the first one) who wore black nylon pants and a white shirt and she was trying to jump from big rig to big rig (while it was moving at a pretty fast speed, no less)! Needless to say, she missed and actually hit the truck (thankfully she was holding on to the truck)! When that happened, everyone saw her nylon butt. There are probably more females on Fear Factor who wore nylon pants. (Yeah, Fear Factor ISN'T particularly for kids). I'm sure YouTube or some other website has those particular episode with the females in nylon pants. These episodes are for males who like females in nylon pants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKOb9dAgWKw&t=1943s & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5s_SZLwXJI&t=780s Those links contain the black female wearing blue nylon pants near the end of Season 1 Episode 3 and the white female wearing the black nylon pants and dark blue nylon pants near the beginning and middle of Season 1 Episode 4. Here's a white female wearing Blue Adidas Nylon Pants (with a blue tank-top). Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ6bsIxxFlU&t=883s The episode in question (Season 3 Episode 2) has that particular white female wearing Blue Adidas Nylon Pants w/blue tank-top at the beginning of Season 3 Episode 2. Fair warning to all who want to watch the episode of Fear Factor: the show's REALLY GROSS (like gross enough that children SHOULDN'T be watching Fear Factor at all). Also, this show's not for the weak-willed, squeamish and it's ALSO not for people with REALLY weak stomachs. So, don't watch it, or skip the GROSS as HECK parts and just watch the females in nylon pants. These epsiodes are for males like me. Now these episodes are for females who like males in nylon pants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WUxj5mO75I&t=211s This episode has a white male in Dark Blue/Black Nylon Pants (near the beginning of Season 3 Episode 14. Fear Factor) and he has hands behind his back (for at least part of the beginning Of Season 3 Episode 14) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e6za313pts&t=148s This episode has a white-Caucasian male in Black Nylon Pants at the beginning of Season 3, Episode 26 of Fear Factor. The male in the Black Nylon Pants isn't shown that much during the beginning of the episode. For WHY I selected these particular episodes, here are my reasons/rules in me selecting episodes from Fear Factor: 1. The episode must be not be a couples episode, a family episode or any special episode of Fear Factor. It must be a regular episode. (I don't put links to episodes like that). 2. The male or female in question must be wearing nylon pants during ANY point of the episode. 3. The male or female CAN be eliminated via giving up OR failing the stunt; however, the male or female MUST be wearing nylon pants during ANY part of the episode. That's all.
  16. 205848254.jpg

    So sexy and shiny dear god
  17. 5E96D017-58E7-425B-BDBD-0965E914567B.jpeg

    Nice shiny pants
  18. i'm searching for a K-Way Jumpsiute

    i've seen here an lightly pink kway Jumpsiute, I've allready askeed the owner, but he will not give it away- I can understand it, but it makes me a little sad, because I've bin searching vor souch an Overall for a long time... I've got sverel jumpsiutes from kway in other colors, but i want this one. if you got one for me, please let me know, i've got several kway and glossy adidas etc. to swap.. yorus, nicki
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