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  3. GMUS27


    Not a video, just a photoset she did for me. Here is a video she's done in them, though: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/454962/fuck-machine-blowjob/
  4. asdf12


    i love that layering!!!
  5. Yesterday
  6. UmbroGuy14


    Loving the look here!!
  7. Cameltoelover

    Elsie and fred

    Spoilt orange
  8. wacker23


    Wud love to cum on those lovely shorts
  9. shinygirl


    Pics of me in my shiny nylon and spandex clothings.
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  11. marius54321


    Is there a shinysports group on Facebook?
  12. Last week
  13. Ryanshorts88


    Anyone else into boxing? I’ve boxed amateur, but secretly would love to box in front of a female crowd. Commando in a pair of silky Adidas short shorts. I’m a good looking athletic fella. Wouldn’t mind taking the loss by KO. So the lasses feel sorry for me, with a few entering the ring to assist me as I’m spread eagle on the canvas. Working my cock through my shorts etc, leading to a blowjob, hitching my cock out my shorts whilst cupping and softly raking my balls through the silky fabric. Then leading to all out sex. As they cheer us on as we fuck in the ring. My opponent gets booed out the ring also lol. Just a small snippet of my fantasy
  14. Mikus30

    Fetish world

    The best from my shell suits and NEW PICS
  15. Mikus30


    Nothing special! My nails are even longer!
  16. iloveshiny

    The good shiny stuff

    Girls in shiny polyester adidas pants & other mixed brands.
  17. wacker23


    Both of you together...now that would be a fun sight :)
  18. Shinyfun11


    Please tell me all the ways you want to get used in this outfit!!!
  19. Shinyfun11


    I am so fucking jealous of your man!!!!!! I would love to fuck you after every shoot!!
  20. Shinyfun11


    No i want real shiny nylon breathplay action pics. And then when im done t aking pics i would let you come to. Just to put the hood back up and let you suffocate in your sexy shiny nylon outfit again. But now with my rock hard cock deep in your soacking wet pussy.
  21. Shinyfun11

    lg-0 (1).jpg

    The chance of that happening is enormous. But i will try to hold back.
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