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    Swishy Pants

    When i was a little kid (im 19 now) i remember wearing these fake adidas swishy type pants (my first pair ever) and liking the sound very much. One day... one day specifically a couple relatives came to visit us in our small apartment. I happened to wear these pants and being the shy fella i was (still am) hid in my room. I dunno why but I always felt awkward because of the swishing sound. So... these relatives have a daughter (we are 2nd or 3rd cousins) who loved cleaning. Vacuuming specifically. I remember her wearing black nylon overalls (hence my username). One of those people go skiing or something. She slept in those, went out in those and well...my parents and her parents went sightseing around our city and i was left home with her. We went about our business till she came up to me and asked if she could try on my pants which would never fit her. I was astonished of the view. They stood on her like pajamas. Too short for her and felt like yoga pants. I wore her overalls which were obviously too big for me. It felt soooo cooool walkin in them. Swish swoosh swish swoosh. I got a boner and started rubbing myself against my matress. You know...normal 12yr old business(didnt know about masturbation). I think i had fallen asleep by then but awoken by the sound of something loud. I woke up and was in my cousins overalls swooshed around to see what was happening. Well well well. She was vacuuming in my small excuses of nylon pants wearing a nylon jacket (again mine). Stood on her like a semi—long sleeved shirt mixed with a crop top. Oh what i wouldnt give to go back in time to that day. She was maybe 15 then? So yeah. Beautiful face, beautiful look, beautiful everything. I went up to her to ask her why she was doing it and she told me she liked to clean. Now it was like an hour after my parents left so there wasnt any probability they'd come back this early. She swung that vacuum around like it was her other half (bf). I asked her to turn it off. I aleays felt weird around vacuums and she just made it a trillion times weirder. So she continued vacuuming and i just kinda sat down on the sofa watching TV. And what do you know. She started vacuuming herself. Starting from MY jacket that she was wearing down to MY pants that she was wearing. I was instantly aroused by that. Stunning beauty cleaning herself with a vacuum in nylon clothes. I watched in amazement as she moved it around the pants. She was laughing hysterically. Once she was done screwing around she stuck it between her legs and the vacuum screamed, grabbing her vagina thru the soft nylon pants. Little did I know that she was masturbating in front of me by vacuum. I stood up to trll her to give me back my pants and she told me to go get her jacket. I did what she told me. Then she gave me the vacuum and told me— suck that jacket up. I did it and it made that sound. Swishing jacket and a screaming vacuum. Music to my ears. Then she grabbed the hose off my hands and playfully sucked me down by the legs (on her overalls) and laughed again. She told me to go vacuum my room while she gets dressed (idk the reason then) and started undressing my small clothes off of her. I did what she told me to do and she came to my room...with the same outfit... and told me to vacuum her. Me, a 13yr old playing with a vacuum on his cousin... Didn't think of it that way back then... But was fun after all. I vacuumed her sleeves, moved to the torso, then the belly which wasnt covered, then the legs one by one. Then she told me vacuum this part of my legs. Ah, the vagina. I didnt know it back then but stuck the vacuum and she moaned so hard. I told her we should change clothes since ths grownups would find it bizzare of two kids playing with a vacuum while in each others clothes. But she threw that idea away and turned the suction power to the most powerful kt could be. By then I had gone crazy over the fact that i had done somthing so weird yet so pleasurable. Then she said "My turn lil cousey"(in our language: bulgarian) and started doing the same on me (without the dick part tho) vacuuming the jacket then those awfully sweet overalls. I stopped her and told her that i wanted to do something on my own for a bit. I undressed completely and put on a jacket and the overalls. We continued our process and she started on the legs. I came so hard then. Luckly my clean-loving cousin and the vavuum were there to save the day. I wiped off the cum on my dick thinking it was sweat and she vacuumed the other cumm off her overalls. We went back to each others' clothes and my pants were wet, my dick rock hard and me and my cousin horny as hell. We caught a bit of a break and then did the same thing again but she was in her clothes which made it more enjoyable. Imagine a blonde haired beauty in black overalls, black vest (nylon gilette), orange shirt and a black nylon down jacket. I swear this girl had it all. This time tho she got her overalls down and sucked that peach as hard as she could and the gave the vacuum to me, knowing that i'm about to come again. I told her "*cousin* i my penis feels tingly again" and she went from horny to giving me the vacuum. She said "if you feel tingly and strange stick it on your... peen?". I lost that feeling bit it felt awesome so i started vacuuming myself then playfully giving her an occasional suck and here it comes again that feeling. That time i dont remember what we had made but the pipe was spaceus af and i didnt hesitate to stick it on my tool. She said "no way youre gonna do that sissy" and she turned the power of the vacuum down. I was like "well yeah" and so I stuck it on my stick and it felt awesome. Thanks cuz now i have both vacuum and nylon fetishes. That was the first time i suck my dick with a vacuum and ejaculated staight in it. I asked my cousin why did she make me do it and the was like "bruh you want me to clean your mess again? I'd do it i love vacuuming but imma get too horny if i do it again." So I started to wait for my parents to go about their business outside of home and ocasionally lay these pants on the floor and run them over with a turned on vacuum. Then i would put them on with no socks no underwear no nothing, throw on a jacket and vavuum myself till i ejaculate. A fee days after the vacuum started to smell weird. That was the sign i had to stop. I moved on to jacking inside of them but they have this cover on the inside that didnt let me touch the nylon and it made it difficult for me to get a boner. So i stuck a vacuum to the pants, turned it on most powerful and rubbed the duck out of my dick. Felt nice but still not as perfect as the day cuz showed it to me. So one day i got sick and told my mum i'd cut the inside thingy out of the pants and she bizzarely agreed. She actually did it for me. Now i had the perfect pants. Made it all easier, made me hornier and most importantly tbe vacuum hungrier. It was already winter break and my parents adked my cousin to spend time at our home for the hollidays with me. Mine and her parents went on a hotel for a gew days. This time she brought cash with her (around 300 bucks and i had another 150 in my savings) and told me we should surprise my parrents with a new vacuum and she would buy me new pants. I refused to buy a 300$ vacuum and canceled my new pants. She told me the real reason we should buy a vacuum. It was for me and only me. Well we found a vacuum that came with wider tubes and decided to buy it. We came home and she told me she wanted to surprise me. She pulled out a whole bunch of my uncle's old nylon pants. Unfortunately the were way too big for 13 yr old me but i took them only for the time she was staying. We did a couple of chores and guess what chore she took care of... Yes exactly. Trying on our new vacuum. She got on her dads swishy pants and they were the first thing to get sucked by the vacuum. I said here we go again and dressed in my old swishy pants. Naked under, just a tracksuit on and her sucking herself joyfully...both horny... And now i regret i didnt take those pants. Im broke and i have no swishy pants nor a vacuum of my own. Thats it. The story.
  5. Transnylon


    My hot jacket
  6. adidas-women


    Wow, where did u find this?
  7. Overalls

    Buying nylon pants

    Well im 16 and broke so... i'll look into it... whats the price of the cheapest pair of wind pants (swishy type)
  8. honeybadger

    Buy and Sell

    I have over 100 pairs of wind pants nylon shorts sauna suits for sale email [email protected] Many different colors and styles.....
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  10. shinygirl


    Like to be the girl in the blue suit and touch the other ones booty
  11. shinygirl


    Like to bury my face between her shiny legs while somebody takes me really hard from behind


    Agreed. The logos are kinda hot.

    Little rub in nylon shorts

    I love to be fondled in my shiny shorts as this happened to me at the age of 12.
  14. Last week
  15. kipperflew


    I love the big logos stuck on their backs as well. just imagine seeing this whole team putting them on and zipping them up and touching these suits...


    I know! GTM Sportswear are my favorite.
  17. iloveshiny


    OMG! This is so hot, those shiny tracksuits are incredibly sexy.
  18. iloveshiny

    The good shiny stuff

    Girls in shiny polyester adidas pants & other mixed brands.
  19. Valentemark


    So damm exhilarating!
  20. honeybadger

    Items for sale

    I have 100 pairs of wind pants, nylon shorts, sauna suits, sauna shorts for sale in all colors and brands. [email protected] is my email for questions of what I have. I will ship to Europe as long as you pay shipping.
  21. honeybadger

    Buying nylon pants

    I have 50 pairs of wind pants, nylon shorts, sauna suits, sauna shorts for sale in all colors and brands. [email protected] I will ship to Europe as long as you pay shipping.
  22. frenchkwaylover


    Would really love to rub on that bum
  23. SwishyPantsLove


    The moment I see this Id wrap my arms around your waist and press my hard cock right against your ass and start dry fucking you. Grabbing your stomach and forcing your big butt to press harder on my dick. Shoving your face into the couch I mount you from the top and hump your ass until I bust a load all over
  24. Transnylon

    Naked under nylon

    I know what you mean but I still see one or two men and women in them .
  25. mtouse48

    swishy pants/ swishy jackets

  26. shinygirl


    My nylon booty is waiting to be used by you
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