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  2. GMUS27


    Good lord, that ass!
  3. Today
  4. black1380


    @shinygirlI have head cinema
  5. black1380


    @shinygirlyour wish be garanted
  6. black1380


    @shinygirlI wish me a Video and pics in your nylon swim suit and nylon shorts to as under wear and over your shorts a paiof shiny nylon pnts with anklec cuffs and to see your ekastic waistband and contours of something. A hurricane with scale 6 come over you
  7. black1380


    @shinygirl Trust me I know what I do with you and my hand and I know what want do with my wife
  8. Yesterday
  9. shinygirl


    Let me help you
  10. shinygirl


    I think you know what to do in this situation
  11. shinygirl


    Me too
  12. shinygirl


    @black1380 This will be the last view before your face disappears under my shiny ass for the next hours
  13. shinygirl


    imagine her face at this moment
  14. Transnylon


    Wow !!
  15. Transnylon


    I can see your waiting for me lol .
  16. Transnylon


    Love your long coat xx
  17. black1380


    @shinygirl You're very hot nice and very spice. Conern Shimyfun11 comment but he have right: harder when you imagine, you think your burn in your clitoris but with pleasant and more lust, nesty and horny feelings before in your life you cannot imagine that. boah Beauty you are so horny you have a lot of nipple action, your astonish me again over and over but the spandex suit is so hot on you and the skirt to (thx for inspiration I want see my wife in that outfit it's not so mine but a lot hot on you and on my wife) but my favourite is your shiny nylon jackets and rain pants but that's more my
  18. black1380


    @shinygirl I can make a lot with this shiny sexy booty.
  19. black1380


    @shinygirl a so strong woman like Super girl I musrt follow your commands or you hurt me, I bope your hurt me pleasentely.
  20. black1380


    @shinygirlwhat do you wnat Mme Sir, your orders I wait all whazt you want the impoosible I tirn it real, a hard finger massage with circulate movements faster and faster is that satisfied for the beginning Madme Sir?
  21. black1380


    What you want Mme I'm your slaveto fulfilling your commands is the purpose of my lifre haaarhaarrr. Now it's done multiple orgasms you recive I hope I fulfilled to your best Madme Sir XD.
  22. black1380


    @shinygirl you're so dirty xD. I glad that enjoy you that pic. You make me
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