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  2. The good shiny stuff

    Girls in shiny polyester adidas pants & other mixed brands.
  3. 01e1b_inGAQoWjs8TUr6LUF1nmRPWX.jpeg

    wow what a pic
  4. il_fullxfull.1325418004_omff.jpg

    where are these from?
  5. Yesterday
  6. il_fullxfull.1325418004_omff.jpg

  7. 20171112_125218.jpg

    She does. I need to wife her up!
  8. Nylon revival

    Link to any of the instagram profiles? But yes, I've noticed as well. Adidas got some nice new ones. These especially : http://www.jimmyjazz.com/mens/clothing/adidas-berlin-track-pants/BK7245-001 Lined, but the lining can easily be removed.
  9. 20171112_114212.jpg

    What brand of pants are these?
  10. 20171112_114315.jpg

    The only thing that would make this pic better is if were raining on her.
  11. 20171112_125218.jpg

    She went out in public wearing windpants and no panties??? She’s a keeper!!! Wish my wife would do that for me.
  12. Nylon revival

    Where are you? Apparently I need to move there!!!!
  13. Nylon revival

    Hey ya'll Anybody else extremely excited about the fact that nylon pants/track suits are coming back in? I walked around the city yesterday and I would make an estimate that every 1 in 5 girls rocked nylon trackies - a few even in full suits!!! Instagram is a flush with girls starting to buy pairs of nylon trackies, and I'm starting to see people I never would have imagined wearing nylon owning multiple pairs of shell pants and old school wind pants/suits! I went into my local adidas originals shop and loads of new stock seems to be all nylon, not to mention all the female staff wearing wind pants?? I think that I can assume this isn't just a thing in Australia either, but everywhere else too. I just can't tell if I'm dreaming to be honest, but I'm loving it. Anybody else noticed this?
  14. Last week
  15. IMG_1496.JPG

    What do you mean by "stories that go along with the pics"?
  16. IMG_1496.JPG

    Thanks so much for sharing these pics! Your pics are always great!! Would love to see more, specially the pics you have taken- like these. Do you happen to have any stories that go along with these pics??? Thanks again!
  17. IMG_1032.mov

    OMG :-)...thank you..i love to see a woman who masturbating in nylon rainwear....i have a lot of this rainwear at home...only the swishy nylon pants and jackets.... you may like to try them all on ;-)
  18. Shell suit cutie

  19. Me

    I'm in the full suit in this pic
  20. Me

    Dam those trousers are hot. Got the top too? I'd love to see pictures, woman in a shellsuit, grrrr
  21. Shell suit cutie

    Oh wow, how did I miss this... Is this person female?
  22. 20171112_114315.jpg

    Yep, my girl's got a donk on her
  23. Nylon butt shake

  24. 5E388BCA-2BB1-4194-A1CC-A94D8B1F0798.jpeg

    Love this. Well enjoyed shorts.
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