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  2. md25guy


    i would be glad to bend you over pull those sexy panties aside and bang you like a screen door!
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  5. AdidasChile


    Where can I buy this tracksuit ? I really love this if my girlfriend wear this ^^
  6. AdidasChile

    Buying nylon pants

    My friend, If you search any Adidas Chile tracksuit, I sell on vinted ! Check my topic, good price and good conditions ^^
  7. AdidasChile

    Shiny adidas chile62 tracksuit for sale

    Check my dressing, new tracksuit for sale !
  8. shinygirl

    shinygirl‘s wardrobe

  9. Joseph

    Does your shiny nylon fetish combine with any other fetishes?

    I always hump in shiny clothes too
  10. columbia39


    I wish there was
  11. Transnylon


    I'd like to put them in my dryer and get them nice n hot !
  12. frenchkwaylover


    Would love to join you
  13. Shinyfun11


    When you do i would like to be there to watch you give her pleasure.

    Blowing in swishypants

    Has anybody ever got spanked in there Shiny Shorts or Adidas Swishy Pants?
  15. shinygirl


    Like to slip my hands in her pants to give her a little fun
  16. shinygirl


    Like to play with her, both in such wet suits
  17. Slippynylon


  18. adidaspants

    Blowing in swishypants

    Umbro shorts was my gateway into the nylon world humping my bed and blowing in them was my go to for many years!
  19. shinynylonsmoker



    Naked under nylon

    I wear them in public all the time! That is what's so great about them, people just look at you all the time and the looks makes me so horny I could just blow my load in them. I just wonder what people think when they see us in those shiny beauties! I'm a pretty big dude 6 feet 2 and 230lbs. People just look at me and move on!

    Blowing in swishypants

    Me to. I have always loved wearing to shiny plastic look ones! I use to hump everything in them.
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  23. Cameltoelover


    One of my favourites
  24. adidas2sl2

    Blowing in swishypants

    First time was in Umbro nylon soccer shorts. They just felt so good I had to keep going. Then I discovered adidas spezial shorts. They were unbelievably shiny and smooth. The girls at school were always wearing them.
  25. NylonPantFan


    Not even one of her ass, huh? Good stuff though.
  26. Raphaelijds

    Blowing in swishypants

    https://www.xvideos.com/video54138865/fuckin_my_pillow_with_my_shiny_nylon_pants Yes, and i recorded https://www.xvideos.com/video54138865/fuckin_my_pillow_with_my_shiny_nylon_pants
  27. wind pants


    nice swimsuit
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