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  2. Swishyfun

    Yes please

  3. Swishyfun

    Hi ;)

  4. Swishyfun

    Feels so.....mmmmmmm

  5. Today
  6. Swishyfun

    I want to f.u.c.k. in this suit badly

    When I buy it I will absolutely f.u.c.k. in it. Saw it online and I have to have it. Until then I've got a boat load of other adidas suits if you have any suggestions. ;) Right now I have around 50 adidas suits, 40 shellsuits, a few nike suits, 4 surf style suits. I've got options. All swishy nylon. And some extremely rare suits.
  7. meeshums

    I want to f.u.c.k. in this suit badly

    Can you please do a video in these?
  8. Alejandro

    Remixedcat's shiny shop

    hello cat could you pass photos of my pants?
  9. Swishyfun

    Feeling like a swishy rub

    I've got many suit if anyone wants to see more. I like making them :)
  10. adidasBJ

    I want to f.u.c.k. in this suit badly

    wow these look so hot
  11. Chriss

    Some of my gear

    Hi I sell some of my gear :) https://www.videdressing.com/le-vide-dressing-de-christophe/us-1694430.html
  12. swoleon

    Let me know if anyone likes I'll take more

  13. Yesterday
  14. ChrissGay

    Someone sell nylon pants ?

    and for size ? Wich one are S or M ?
  15. remixedcat

    Someone sell nylon pants ?

    can't wear socks. but yes i got unlined ones in xl. and everyone else asking for prices please look in the gallery. Thanks.
  16. Alejandro

    Someone sell nylon pants ?

    hello cat do you have to sell nylon pants? ,how much they cost?
  17. NylonBadger64

    What are your favorite Adidas pants?

    The nylon wind pants are my favorite.
  18. tirakkrev

    What are your favorite Adidas pants?

    Adibreak (the popper pants).
  19. tirakkrev

    Who else wife wears Adidas pants?

    Sounds super hot! You're a very lucky guy
  20. Brandon 55

    Remixedcat's shiny shop

    I want the purple pair and the black pair pm me for how much you want plz
  21. Perrrika

    What are your favorite Adidas pants?

    Adidas challenger are mine. They did come in a lot of color combinations and were widely used by teens in my school when I was young (2000's)
  22. iloveshiny


    Yeah, i like these too alot. Very shiny and sexy.
  23. iloveshiny


  24. iloveshiny


    Yes, it looks nice and big
  25. iloveshiny


    I believe it was on Flickr, i like this purple model too. A bit unusual.
  26. nylonguy8525

    Someone sell nylon pants ?

    Do you have unlined swishy ones in xl? If so can you post a pic wearing them with white ankle socks commando ;)? Also how much do you want for them if you wear them for a whole day before sending them :)?
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