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  4. iloveshiny

    The good shiny stuff

    Girls in shiny polyester adidas pants & other mixed brands.
  5. adidasBJ

    In love with the adibreak pants?

    Just received a 90s black/white/red pair. Still feel so hot in them
  6. Mark_nylon

    New Adibreak Bottoms

    Just some shots from online stores selling the new adibreak bo
  7. Last week
  8. iloveshiny


    I found the pics with this girl on instagram, i will check and see if i can find the address to her insta page.
  9. adidasBJ


    who is this girl?
  10. adidasBJ


  11. iloveshiny


    Hot girl!!
  12. iloveshiny


    I love this pic and she looks so hot in those popperpants
  13. Mark_nylon

    In love with the adibreak pants?

    I'm sure everyone on here is already well aware, but adidas have released some modern versions of the original adibreak bottoms in several colourways. Firstly, the original (and IMHO, best) navy version Also, black: And green, although they don't look so hot IMHO. Further colours are available on other sites such as END clothing in orange: or maroon: They are close to identical to the original versions with some minor differences. The most obvious difference to me is that on the original version, the strip of material where the poppers plugged in to (if that makes sense?) was the same colour as the panel (i.e. white in the pictures above), whereas in the new ones it is the same as teh base colour. Other than that, the material is lovely and it's great to have brand new pairs of these! Get them while you can as they will sell fast...
  14. iloveshiny

    In love with the adibreak pants?

    I am also a huge fan of the popper pants and it’s really cool that they have become fashion again lately. I don’t own a pair myself but i have bought a pair for my girlfriend and love when she wears them! She doesn’t know about my special interest in these pants but i tell her that i really like when she wears them and that they look good on her and i thinks that’s enough for her to continue using them
  15. iloveshiny

    Posting pics of other people??

    I don’t see any problems with posting it here. Go for it!
  16. iloveshiny

    So much downtime

    Glad to see it’s back up again and running.
  17. hunter

    So much downtime

    If you had issues uploading to the gallery earlier today please try again. It should work now.
  18. nuceman

    So much downtime

    good to be back
  19. hunter

    So much downtime

    Yeah, I apologize. I've been fighting with my hosting service for several weeks over a bad drive cable. I lost the most recent backup in the problems that caused so I had to roll back a few days. Sorry if people lost anything, but it should only have been 2-3 days worth of stuff.
  20. Jip

    So much downtime

    I've noticed this site has had a lot of downtime lately. It's definitely my favourite site on the internet, so I do hope it stays up. Have there been technical problems with it recently? Financial problems? Neglect?
  21. Adidasfetish


    Soo sexy!
  22. Earlier
  23. sushitomb

    My Nylon Stuff

    Me in my shiny Nylon Tracksuits and Shorts.
  24. adidas2sl2


    Love those nylon pants
  25. chorlax123


  26. chorlax123


  27. craig79026


    what website is this from???
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