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  3. Wrestle me anytime she can
  4. Amazing
  5. Mmmmm
  6. Love your pics... You look amazing in your nylon; very hot...
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  8. Very nice!
  9. Oh wow!!!!!!!!!
  10. Wow!!!!!Awsome!!!!I am so rock hard now!!!!
  11. Last week
  12. Either way, she's great, and if you guys could throw some business her way, that would be great. Plus, we'd get some nylon videos out of the deal
  13. Nope still not working. Its not a big deal.
  14. Try this:
  15. getting the same issue too
  16. Yes. But I'm not sure if its just me or its everyone
  17. Are you having problems seeing the image?
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  20. Hi all! I've got a camgirl model that I keep in fairly consistent contact with who's looking for custom videos to shoot. I've ordered a couple custom videos from her, and she's always prompt, professional, and her work is good. She does have a pair of pink windpants that she wears in my videos that she shoots. She does pretty much everything, and her rates are very reasonable. She charges $4-$6 per minute. Here is a capture of one of my customs from her: Anyway, I'd appreciate any business you could give her. I only ask that you not request anything that destroys her pants. She's working on a serial video for me, and it will take a while, and we'll need the pants for the whole thing. Let me know if anyone is interested! It's best to contact her via Twitter:
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