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    Gameday Shine

  6. adidas-women

    I did a little study on the popularity of windpants

    I wonder, how much of that activity are people like us?
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  9. nuceman


    nice pair
  10. GMUS27


    Some instagram page. I searched for "windbreaker pants" I believe.
  11. bigsteve


    Great! Hey what site is this model from? PM please. Thanks
  12. Adilined


    Realy nice pants
  13. I included windpants, wind pants, windsuit pants, wind suit pants, windbreaker pants wind breaker pants, tracksuit pants, track suit pants, nylon trackpants, nylon track pants, nylon pants, warmup pants warm up pants, warmup suit pants, warm up suit pants, splashpants splash pants, nylon jogging pants, swishy pants, swishy track pants, swishy adidas pants, swishy jogging pants, nylon sports pants, swishy sports pants, nylon sweat pants and swishy sweat pants.
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    The pants are Nike windrunner series they are hard to find in the plain black but I did find multi colored ones they are usually made out of polyester material not quite nylon but still amazing though i don’t know why the women’s is poly because the men’s version is nylon https://www.ebay.com/p/Nike-Sportswear-Windrunner-Womens-Pants-L-Black-Pink-Ripstop-Casual-Gym/15019975924
  15. adidas2sl2


    Love the adidas pants on the left.
  16. adidas2sl2

    I did a little study on the popularity of windpants

    Do people always refer to them as windpants though? I wonder if trackies or nylon pants or warmups are synonyms used in searches.
  17. Hey folks, I've been seeing windpants get more popular for a little while now and wondered whether they actually were. I decided that one possible way to measure this would be windpants-related google searches as a portion of all simple fashion-related searches on google. The underlying assumption is that if people see people wearing windpants or see them in the media, they're more likely to search about them. I've included over 30 keywords, all of them mean specifically the nylon type of track pants, not the cotton type. Here is a 12-month moving average of a transformed version of the result: Don't worry about the dimensions, it's a more complicated calculation than I want to go into here and the result is dimensionless. The early part of the Canada series is noisy and I don't think it reflects the true popularity. I believe that the US series is accurate. Here are the growth rates for the US, both the basic series and its moving average in orange: Being YOY and a moving average, the dates don't truly line up with the trend, but they are accurate to within 6 months. The dimensions here are meaningful. By this analysis, windpants were 20% more popular in the fall of 2016 than they were in the fall of 2015. I don't think that the 30% spike in 2006 is real, it is probably an artifact of the noisy data from 12 years ago (it comes from the unexplained dip in winter 2005-2006). I think that these two charts line up really well with my subjective experience. I feel like windpants have been becoming more popular since about 2015, but aren't nearly back to their early-2000s level. What do you think?
  18. Lampshade


    Nice pant. I want it to for my wife
  19. Xjdh


    Which pants are these
  20. Nylonguy27

    Horny in nylon

  21. Stingray

    On the hunt again

    Hello folks I have two new Tracksuits i'am trying to buy. they're sold out everywhere except for this store from Uruguay. Adidas D89774 Adidas D89775 I've contacted them, asking if they sell to me. But they didn't answer so far. Does any one of you have an idea where to get them? Or is some one here from Uruguay and can buy them for me and send them to me (i'am based in Switzerland)? i would pay something for this help. Thank you
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