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  1. Today
  2. AdiFR


    Oh it’s come from me and my ex gf
  3. black1380

    2018-08-11 08.08.59.jpg

    Spice and very nice
  4. Wicker2


    Beautiful butt i maybi have some fart now?
  5. adidas-women


    I mean where are these photos from
  6. Wicker2

    2015 01 24 08.16.07

    Cat , would it be ok with your husband if you could were those beautiful windpants and fart in my mouth?
  7. Yesterday
  8. adidas2sl2

    What are your favorite Adidas pants?

    Unlined nylon three stripe pants from the late 90s early 00s
  9. chorlax123

    What are your favorite Adidas pants?

    The classic nylon windpants, with cotton lining, with 3 white stripes down the side. I've got numerous pairs like this: red, navy blue, royal blue, black, orange, green, purple, black with sky blue stripes...
  10. sushitomb

    My Nylon Stuff

    Me in my shiny Nylon Tracksuits and Shorts.
  11. Last week

    Where do you guys find your pics

    The friends thing is so true lol same goes for searching on facebook, check their team mates pics (usually they will be tagged on the picture)
  13. iloveshiny

    Where do you guys find your pics

    Yes, it`s true, a bit like mining haha..i`ve noticed the same thing on Insta. Sometimes i find a really good follow and then i check her friends and they also dig the streetwear fashion so it`s like finding a goldmine.
  14. AdiFR

    What are your favorite Adidas pants?

    Adidas firebird it’s my fetish
  15. AdiFR

    Where do you guys find your pics

    Personnaly, it’s my personnal collection of photo take with phone

    Where do you guys find your pics

    Also, when your using Facebook its like mining for gold. After finding some small pieces lf gold, you will eventually find large gold nuggets! Most of my really nice finds are on Facebook honestly. Just dig. Go to the search bar, type in like “dance team” or something and then go to where it says “Pages”. Then it will show you all of the search results for dance team. You can also change it up. Like varsity dance team and just play with it a little.
  17. iloveshiny

    Where do you guys find your pics

    As PATURMANPLUNG said, search for teams and activities that involves girls wearing this type of outfits (dancing, gymnastics, football etc.) and from there you can most likely find some girls with pics and then look at her friends and so on. I don`t use FB myself very much but there are ways to find good pics there if you want. And then on other social media sites, learn what type of hashtags to follow and you will soon have a nice little collection of pics that you can share with us here

    Where do you guys find your pics

    This is going to sound really creeperish but who cares. Just simply look up athletic teams that wear shiny stuff. Easy. Just type in like cheerleaders or dance team or something along those lines and scroll through the photos. OR do that, and go through all of the different pages for different cheer or dance (or any sport for that matter) teams. Facebook is better because the images are better quality usually.
  19. Ry210

    Where do you guys find your pics

    I can never find any on Facebook what do you type in
  20. nylonsven


  21. iloveshiny

    The good shiny stuff

    Girls in shiny polyester adidas pants & other mixed brands.

    Where do you guys find your pics

    Sometimes Google images. Facebook, Instagram. Facebook is better because some of the pictures are really good quality.
  23. sushitomb


    Thank you. I like that one and wear it in public too. My wife likes then to tease me, so I would get a hard on. It's a pleasure.
  24. adichilegib


    lovely tracksuit
  25. adichilegib

    Great place to buy clips

    shame site doesnt seem to be available any more
  26. Adidastrackies


    Whos this beauty?
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