For everyone who likes the baggy look
Just Wow.,. I like that look very muuuch. The stupid thing is, that it's only looking good without wind in my opinion... I think it's more arousing with wind but the look is nicer without... 🤷
So I generally like the 2k's "Skater-New-cool- style" it's my youth... And I also got some pants in this style but the wind here, at my side , mostly destroys the good look....
No I don't have them, but if I had them and they would fit perfectly like shown in the picture I won't sell them anyway 😜
I got some pairs I would sell but only because they're too big for me... Depends on your wishes and sizing...
Does anybody have pants like these thy want to get rid of or sell to me I'll buy them
And I got some pairs too I would sell because they're made for women and a bit small around the crotch...
Pants I would sell... Nothing to get rid off. Clothes I bought, hoping they would fit even if they're an different size from what I usually wear ... I don't must sell anything.,.
Ok ... So when I got time and rest I will have an look what would be suitable, then I send you pictures and then we could talk what's up...

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Windpants on the Web
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