@shinygirl you make amazing pics damn you 2want kill me like cardiologic attack  ;) <_< :lol:  wow very sexy and great inspiration, over th top, you can be proud of your womanhood. ;)   :)

@black1380 It’s not the black red rain jacket you’d like to see, but I thought this jacket might be the better one in combination with dark blue rain pants  ;)

@shinygirl  but I see that directly :D
@shinygirl I know what to do with you I take my knee and rub it with slow circular movements against your nylon rain pants and start to get faster and faster with the circular movements and just before orgasm I take my pain and my hand and I don't stop. It becomes an endless circle of penetration and use your nylon shorts that you use as underwaer seve  me as (you know it: like a condom :devil: ;) :whistling: ) multiple orgasms. I want you to scream OMG please more please don't stop and this is a never ending : "OMG please don’t stop, continue harder and faster" call and a never ending orgasms fall and of course i continue and you will be worked on rectally in the back with the dildo and also this will be an endless circle of alternation and  from back and front. ;)   :)  You test so many multiple orgasms that you have partial amnesia and for a few seconds to almost a minute you think am I a banana or an apple or a female human, that is the hardest **** in your enire life: and when you come to you will think I would like to have more of it, because this story teaches that every orgasm in a woman is a "little death"  ;)   :)  and you love all "little death" in your brain that through in your vagina and you want more and more... ;)   :)  In any case, you go for a week as if you had grave hip problems on both hips... I hope that enjoy you that storyline is a separate plot and turn in the story but it finds its way back to where it was originally :)   ;)


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