Columbia storm surge. I need these
Look like Columbia storm surge pant I absolutely love Columbia rebel roamer and regen pants
Ohhh ok. Can I ask what the difference is? You seem to really know columbia. I just looked at the regen pants and then at the rebel roamer pants again… and then at the storm surge pants again. Is there a difference? At face value they all look super similar
Rebel roamer and regen are nylon pants with nylon lining and storm surge have a mesh lining I have just over 200 pairs lol I have an addiction my wife buys a lot for me for birthdays and holidays
I’m sorry did you say over 200?! Goddamn!!!!!!! Color me impressed! My girlfriend and I are having a house built and one of the features is gonna be a new and bigger closet. One for her and one for me. So maybe Ill have as many as you soon
Lol yeah that’s just my Columbia collection I have 78 pairs of adidas and 52 pairs of Nike and 35 of miscellaneous brands

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