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Shiny Sports
swishy pics
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  • Recent Comments

    • I like what I see, very beautiful! I like the nylon jacket the most! Where to find something to buy?
    • @Shinestyguy69Wow nice pics that's what I mean
    • Oh my! What’s the link for this?
    • @shinygirlYou foolI teseing you again my cock is every time not just rock hard but metal hardbut a great sory great THX Beauty nice I want read more from you, show me your darkest side of phantasies
      @shinygirl your story hard but I'm hrd to
    • I was nasty. I wear your wife’s silver nylon suit without asking her. She catchend me. Now my hand are tied behind my back and my head is tied tight to your crotch. Your limp cock plugs my mouth. Then your wife starts to rub her shiny nylon booty in front of you. Your cock grows up in my mouth. I choke. She’s going on. Your cock gets even harder. I choke even more. You’re looking down at my face. Tears running down my face, dropping on the silver nylon suit. That makes you even hornier. Now you give me a massiv deepthroath. I struggle for air. Meanwhile your wife slowly pull down my silver nylon pants. She slide her hand between my legs and tweak my lips. I’d like to squeak, but your hard cock prevents any complaints. Then she slide her fingers between my lips. I fight against. Then you climax. Your cum squirts deep into my mouth. That’s to much for me. I pass out. You look down on my head. Your cum runs out of my mouth down on my silver nylon suit. 
    • @shinygirland your show me yours, deal ok. 
    • I’ve no problem with your humor. Turn dirty. Show me all your darkest fantasies 
    • @shinygirland I take from behind, finally after all this games we met, ou both my wife and you live in a weelchair hips amputeed, but more placefor a better and deeper fuck. OMG I must hold my black humor backbut if you have not problem with my darkest, blackest humor I continue and I turn realky dirty, you want that, my want it?!? 
      @shinygirlYou must say me if you want I continue and you see my dirty humor side but more expirence, that exlopde your expectations
    • Oh yeah. She’s sitting on my face in her amazing pants while your wife’s licking between my legs until I scream  
    • @shinygirlIknow you lve it, it's not finish yet, Do you want play with my wife her and me? 
    • Omg. That’s awesome  
    • Nice pants, anyone know the brand?
    • This coat 
    • I swear, this silver suit is the best outfit I’ve ever seen. 
      And she looks incredible hot, too.  The things I’d like to do with her... 
    • @shinygirlI knew you love this pics and your husband what he think? I hopwe see sooner or later pics from you in nylon rain wear and nylon shorts. You look sexy andawesome, I want see you in the outfit how you wear your bodysuit and your shiny nylon shorts and under the nylon shorts your spandex leggings maybe that looks great on you I try to imagine that style on my wife, your ore them under the lightblue shiny nylon jacket and rain pants
    • Of course. That’s absolutely amazing 
    • Id love to see a pic of his shiny nylon ass ! In that suit please .
    • @shinygirl ist die Überraschung gelungen mit den aller letzen fünf fotos
    • @shinygirl P.S. Beuaty wir habens nicht geschafft das du Ihn kaufen kannst aber du siehst sicher sexy dadrin aus aber wenigstens die Pics, wie versprochen die Überraschung damit du dir ein Bild machen kannst. So now I go bye bye
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