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    • I love blue
    • Wow! These girls look pretty amazing!
    • Oh I’m so excited. Tell me your fantasies  What you’d like to happen to me in my beloved nylon suit 
    • I have a few horny fantasies about this suit 
    • After he leaves you there in the park, I come across you tied up in your rain pants, and it’s time for the second round of cum. I rip a small hole in the rain pants and fill first your pussy and then your asshole with more cum. At this point it’s spilling out and you’re so wet that each time after coming I’m hard again in almost an instant. I smack your ass and pull your hair as load after load after load just gets dumped inside of you, flooding your pants and destroying your holes. Yet you just keep begging for more until we collapse on each other: a big heap of nylon, sweat, cum, and happiness.
    • Omg. That would be the ultimate torture 
    • I would walk up to you and quickly put a nylpn bag over your head and tie your hands behind your back. Then i would take you i to the woods and tie you to a tree. Then i would pull doen your rain pants just enough so i can fuck you in both of you holes filling up your holes with my cum . And then i i pull p your pants again and untie you from the tree. I would take you back in to the park and leave you there squirming in your cum filled rain pants still tied but without nylon bag so everyone can see you.
    • Im licking your spandex pussy like i never licked before. But i run out of air befor you cum. I pass out but you keep on riding my face. You stop only because my body starts jerking under your pussy. You get off my face quickly and let me come to. Then you sit down on my face again and you see my rock hard cock trying to push through my thin nylon pants. You bent over and take my nylon cock in your mouth. This results in ne getting a little air trough my nose. Now i can hold on a little longer. I lick your spandex pussy like i never did before. And you drop doen over my nylon cock all the way. After a long time (because we both want to postpone our climax) we both cum in our pants. You squirt in your spandex flooding my mouth with your juice and my cum filling up your mouth inside my nylon pants seeping through the nylon in your mouth.
      You stay sitting on my face suffocating me and i push ypur head hard to my body making my cock disappear in your throat making you suffocate also. Until we both almost faint. Then we get up and take a shower fully clothed. The wet clothes make us hot again. And i stand behind you i push my nylon cock between your ass cheeks and i feel your anus opening up. My nylon cock slowly enters your spandex ass taking tje spandex in with it. When im in i slowly start to fuck you. I love the look of your shiny wet spandex body. And i get ecrn hotter when i look down at your ass and see my nylon covered cock disappear in your sdandex ass. I finger your spandex pussy wile i fuck your spadex ass. It tkes a long tim for me to cum because i just did cum in your mouth so wen i finally do cum in your spandex ass you already have cummed 4 times. You are exhausted and collapse on the floorof the shower. I leave you under the warm water to recover for a wile. 
      When i return your are sleeping in the shower. I wanted to go one more time. So i take a shiny nylon bag and slip it over your head and tie it shut around your neck. The nylon gets wet instand because of the shower. You wake up because of the lack of air. Yout sit up and i take your head and push my cock un your wet nylon mouth. I fuck your face hard and fast until i cum derp in your nylon mouth. You faint and i lay you down on the floor. I watch my cum run out of your nylon mouth. I quickly remove the bag and i leave you.
    • My husband also think so. 
    • Now you see there’s a little rip in the seam. You put your finger through that. You feel my asshole. I terrify. I don’t know about the rip in my shiny spandex suit. But your finger goes on searching. Then it slowly spread my wet pussy lips. I slowly start to moan. Then you push deeper. I scream, shaking my booty to get off. But you hold me tight. Your finger starts to play with me...
    • I was caught in my shiny black nylon shorts at the age of 12 humping her flag pole by my moms friend and she spanked me and ripped of my shorts! Not before I came in them. 
    • Yes I would , I'd love to gently kiss it and rub my hands slowly in between x
    • Slap you on the ass and pull your hood down and start pulling your hair just enough that it turns you on and ask you to come home with me. So I can ride you like you never been ridden before.
    • wow...panty line makes it even hotter 
    • @Shinyfun11 We meet us on the park. I’m bend over in my shiny rain suit and don’t recognize you. What you’d like to do with me? 
    • Thanks. You’d like to touch it if you could? 
    • A picture of perfection! 
    • It would be a pleasure to me to bury your face under my ass while you tease my shiny spandex breasts.  
    • O I would do anything to be underneath that ass
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