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    • Dazzle is where my fetish started. Girls wearing shiny silky basketball pants to be more exact. Then polyester-tricot. I first found out what tricot was when I was in high school. Girls on the dance team would wear very shiny pants that were so glossy they almost looked wet. Those were good times. 
    • great upload!  fine butt, plus a thick hoodie tucked into the waist.  i'm ready to snuggle!
    • cool!  is that a contrasting ankle zipper!?  that was really hot on that pair of nike nylon pants i wish i could find.  if i can find a link to an image, i'll post it in the appropriate thread. 
    • that, i think, is precisely why it makes such a good mix.  i remove the lining for all my nylon gear anyway, since i use baselayers when i'm not lolling around in a swish frenzy.  XD
      tricot is good.  i like the feel of a polyester or mesh jersey, frequently a nylon rain poncho, or the classic go-to; bare skin under a big, thick hoodie.  i just got a couple new superdry hoodies, and i love how they wrap around me.  they're the kind that seem fitted a bit, and i'd always thought it would be uncomfortable, cumbersome.  i feel like a puppy getting it's belly rubbed!  i've got a few selfies with my old superdry.  love that hoodie!
    • Tricot like this on girls is so sexy to me. Not all tricot is as silky and shiny as this though. 
    • the brunette girl with..  what are those, cornrows in her hair and a blue bandana?  she just took it to the endzone!  this pic rating would be odd for me, because i'm not a tricot fan, but i admit there are instances inwhich tricot and its padded, warm feeling, is right.  when i'm not fetishing, tricot makes a good layer, out in the cold wind.
      i wandered; sorry!
      this brunette is lovely; posing so tough, but with lovely eyes to go with what might be interpreted as a playful grin, striking across her sweet face.  man, i should've played football in high school!
    • For some reason I really like the mix of the hoodies with shiny nylon and polyester. Thats cool that you agree!
    • my dreams answered in style!  this striking woman, wearing a yellow nike nylon pullover which has a waist drawstring.  it's as if the sun rose just now!  @,@
    • mesmerizing!  this cutie is in a unique nylon windbreaker poncho i've never seen before!  what nike product is this jacket?  she looks superb in it, plus bonus points, in my humble opinion, for the low-cut running socks.  suddenly i wouldn't mind staying in all weekend, if this girl is what i'd have to look forward to!
    • this image is great!  the jacket is either rolled up, or it has a drawstring at the waist hem, to blouse it at the bottom.  bloused pullover/poncho nylon windbreakers are my instant trigger.  speechless, thanks for the up!
      also, the wadded up pants in the bottom/background of the shot are incredibly sexy.
      additionally, is it too late to mention this butt is very nice?   
    • all three of these ladies are really pretty!  ..of course, i'm glossing over the fine mix of hoodies and sports gear.  ahem!  despite being polyester tricot material rather than fine, fine nylon, nice butts, too.  ;p
    • sweet lord of swish, look at that blonde in glasses!  also, wearing a very nice pair of nike pants.  very cute in her letter jacket, Kayy gets an extra "y" in her name, for "yowzers"!  are those adidas shoes?  shoes look great with the pants, i think.
    • i like that purple scarf/shawl.  wait, is that a shawl?  i'm realizing i have no idea what a shawl is.  XP  either way, these girls look bundled up, ready to rock.  hoodies under their jackets is so cute!
    • mmmm..  let's see.  so much to enjoy here!  blonde, wearing glasses, plus a hoodie, and a nylon windbreaker.  on top (or should i say, bottom?) of it all; nylon pants, while playing a flute. delicious, thank you!
    • yeah; terrific butt on the left, wow!
    • these girls are starting to make under armor brand my new favorite.  gorgeous, thanks!
    • wow!  great action shot!
    • nice zip-up hoodie, is that fleece?  looks like a soft sherpa, too!  cute boots!  also, that skirt!  @,@
      this is a great pic, thanks!
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