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Models (Handcuffed)

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Models/Video models for ZSL Productions. Message for paying video role.

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    • nice shiny shorts 
    • I would put you on the bed and first let you suck my hard nylon cock. Then when im almost cumming i pull out and fix a big dildo gag un your mouth an tie it tighly. Then i would fix a ultra shiny soft airtight nylon bag over your head. It has an elastic band at the rim so it fuxes nice and tight around your neck. Then i would cut a small hole in your spandex pants so  i can fuck you in your sexy shiny ass untill i cum hard in your ass. I will periodically gife you fresh air and keep fucking you all night long.
    • What do you want to do with me? 
    • Different...
      Would like to see her tied up on the plate and then getting covered in monster slime as she's about to be eaten
    • Mmm love to tie you up and punish you in this 
    • i second the first commenter; WOW!
    • NICE!  It has been quite some time since I've seen sweet, shiny nylon paired with a fur-rimmed hooded coat.  Looks classy!
    • Picking mushrooms?  Despite it being a chore with a tasty reward, it's a chore nonetheless.  I would typically frown upon leaving eyesight range of my computer.  LOL  However, if this woman asked me to do it, I would be following her like a lost puppy.
    • Another great shot of this girl in a car, looking fresh like a spring breeze in her gear.  And apparently she's health-conscious too; whenever you go fast you need to stay hydrated! 
      For others who enjoy her clothes; I had both the pants and the jacket, as part of a set which was issued to me for an academic team back in the late 90s.  Mine came colored in dark green, with the middle of the three leg stripes colored yellow.  Mesh line and very cool against the skin.  Wish I had the stock numbers for you to search for online.  Sorry!
    • Yummy!  Not only does she look fast in her gear, this dreamy woman could actually go fast.  Looking boss in those sandals, too!  I like the contrast of sports gear and the footwear.
    • Looks Comfy.
    • Instsa I think or Pinterest by Pinterest. 
    • When I was 12 I would hump couch arms and aluminum flag post in my shiny plastic nylon shorts until I creamed in them! I once got caught and my shorts were destroyed by my grandma or aunt. I still think about this when I masturbate in them.
    • Hmmmmmm I would love to use you in that sexy suit!!!!! You look so incredible sexy with the zipper open and that satin pantie. I would push the pantie aside and slowly let my hard cock sink in to your tight asshole. And wile I enter you deeper and deeper I wrap a silk scarf around your neck and slowly strangle you wile I fuck you slow and deep. I will not let you pass out until I. Have cummed deep in you. 
      Then wen I'm still in you I will strangle you uncontious. And pullout quickly. I would flip you over on your back and start eating out your pussy making you wake up and cum squirt instantly. 
    • I can read your spandex lips. They are saying: please lick me and fuck me!!
    • The perfect position!!!!!!
      I wish i could sit behind you.  Than i would cut a small hole in your spandex pants at your asshole. Than i would pull down your spandex pants and put a remote controled vibrator in your pussy. After that i would pull up your spandex pants again. And i would turn on the vibrator wile i fuck your tight asshole. At the same time o will pull a ultra shiny nylon airtight bag over your head and secure it tight around your neck.
      I will fuck and vibrate you yntil you pass out and squirt extremely hard in your spandex pants.
    • I love the shine on these, they look amazing around her waist! 

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