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    • The green pants look so sexy !
    • And after the party i will put you under the shower. With the hoods still on. Yhe nylon is getting wet and you get warm in side. And you cant breath. I  fuck you in your ass wile you suffocate in the cum covered nylon hood. Then i cum in your ass and you faint. I open your hood and let the water wash away the cum and make you come to again.
    • Yes that  would be pleasure!!!!! And i would put a noose around your neck and tie it to the metal pole wile i fuck you hard and long.
    • First of all.... i didn't realise at first that this was you! And wow girl you are slowly going extreme nylon fetish.  I love it!!!!!!!
      And yes i would open the hood just enough to pull out the gag. And put in my hard cock. I would fuck your mouth and cum hard and long. And then place the gag back ans inflate it to the max. Zip up the hood and put a plastic bag over your head and tie it shut.aroud your neck and walk away.
    • Bet you would , me too , you would look nice and shiny and smooth !
      Bet your wife looks good in it  ?
    • @Shinyfun11 I think it would be a pleasure to you to fuck me in this situation. My legs up to your shoulders, your hip claps on my ass cheeks by bumping it while you’re watching my nylon covered face. You hear me slowly moan. I’m struggling for air. But you have no mercy.
    • @Shinyfun11 That would be my restrict dress for the party this evening. My hands are fixed behind my back. At the party you’re leaving me alone. So everybody of the guests could remove my hood to use my face and replace the hood after finishing. 
    • @Shinyfun11 I‘m ready for you. My hands are bound, my mouth is inflatable gagged, my butt is plugged. I’m your shiny puppet. Play with me. 
      But don’t open my hood, remove the gag, give me a deepthroat, replace the gag, inflate it and close my hood again. That wouldn’t be nice. I couldn’t avert it. I hope you understand. 
    • I think you’d like to pull the hood over my head and push your cock deep in my mouth. So at your view it looks like you’re fucking a shiny blue nylon globe. By climax you cum squirts out of my mouth and runs down this shiny jacket. 
    • them to girls are so sexy and yummy i would like to see a pics of them in shiny saunasuits.
    • Oh this is so beautiful. Yes. You should put me in, bound my hands and then you could use me like you want. My holes are your holes. Punish me really hard till I’m exhausted and my suit is soiled all over 
    • I’d like to be captured in it 
    • I’d like to sit on your nylon covered face and rub my pussy on your wife’s new jacket, while I’m rubbing your pants till we both climax. You cum in your pants. I squirt on your wife jacket. Finally we clean your cock with the jacket. It looks really soiled. Then we put it back to her suitcase. It would be a nice surprise when she open it on the hotel tomorrow on business trip. 
    • Nice jacket. Let’s see more of it. 
    • Nice view 
    • Your wife is coming home and catch you in this situation  She take her jacket, pull your pants down and wrap your cock in it. Then she start to rub. You’re still scared. But you can’t escape. Your wife’s going on. She pull up her satin gown. You’re starring at her bare bottom, while she’s still rubbing your nylon cover cock. Then you spot the plug in her as. At this moment you can’t hold on. You cum in your wife’s new jacket. You’re totally exhausted. You see like your wife take her jacket. It’s extremely soiled by your cum. She wrap it round her head.  You couldn’t believe what you see. Then she take handcuffs and fix her hands behind her back. Now you’re starring on your bound wife’s plugged bare ass. She slowly start to struggle under the jacket. You get up and touch her ass cheeks. Then you take the plug. You slowly start to pull in it. Your wife moans. It’s fixed really tight in her ass. You pull even stronger. She slowly scream. Then the plug flops out of her ass. You’re starring at her stretched ass hole. Your wife struggles even more. Then you take your nylon wrapped cock and push it slowly in your wife...
    • Thanks! Same here with loving how noisy it is whenever I move in it.
    • Nice cat suit I'd love to try it on
    • Love the coat,  can we see more of it ?
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