That will not be a problem. I will tie them tightly behind your back.

Than I will have free access to your holes. I will then first push a big vibrating buttplug in your ***. Than I will slide the suit back in place. I will then take a vibrator in the shape of a big ****. And massage your shiny covered ***** with it until you *** for the first time. Than when your ***** is nice warm and soacking wet. I slide the suit to the side. And slowly insert the big vibratory ****.

And when it's all the way in I slide the suit back in place.

I and I forgot to tell you that they are bothe controlled by my phone.

Now I stand you up and tie a noose around your neck and pull it just tight enough so you have to stand up nice and straight. Then I start to play with the vibrators and watch you squirm around. And try to breathe at the same time as your are cumming in that shiny suit.

@Shinyfun11 Damn, you make me so *****  :whistling: :sweat: This is such an incredible amazing torture 
But at the end you will be exhausted because you have had so much orgasms that you can hardly stand.  You would hang yourself because your legs are like rubber. I would wait until you really strangle yourself and then put the vibrators on max and let you drift into breathless orgasm heaven. And let you down just as you start to pass out.


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