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    From the album Wife in her nylon

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    From the album It's me

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    From the album Feeling Blue Today

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    From the album Adidas

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    From the album Trackies

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    My gf in K-way

    From the album Me and my gf

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    Us having nylon fun

    From the album Us

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    Baggy adidas swishy suit

    From the album Swishy adidas video

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    From the album my stuff

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    new pants ;)

    From the album It's me

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    Shiny tracksuit cumshots

    I have made a few videos where I am put in handcuffs and forced to jerk off in my tracksuit until i cream everywhere and then get soaked by a bucket of water dropping on me. I like getting wet and messy while handcuffed. Im not sure whereto post the video. But anyone interested message me and i will send link
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    Fucking myself.

    From the album Me again

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    From the album Very shiny girls

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    From the album Mix pictures 6

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    Adidas Polyester pants?

    I was at work today walking around, and i saw for the first time what looked like a lady wearing baby bluish adidas pants, they were definitely polyester not nylon. So extremely silky and shiny. I have no idea what they were though. Its the first time ive ever seen them in person instead of on here!
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    RetroRed Combo

    From the album Shiny Red Jacket And Shorts

    What do you think?
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    From the album Wife in her nylon

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    From the album Wife in her nylon

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    She's not wearing anything and they're Nike. Will be soon, have a video of her using a vibrator on the outside of the pants
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    From the album Wife in her nylon

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    From the album Adidas meets Nike

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    From the album Shiny

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    From the album Rain gears 4

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    From the album From the net 02

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    From the album Sport short girls!

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    2017-07-28 07.28.46.jpg

    From the album RemixedCat

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    Rubber rainsuit me. ;)

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    Swishy adidas suit part 2

    From the album Adidas swishy suit set

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    My shiny bouncing ass. Playing with myself

    From the album Iridescent

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    images (1).jpg

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    What to wear with the Adidas pants?

    Hey man--- Relax and enjoy! The phrase "dare go outside with" really caught my eye and has prompted me to write what has become an enormous post, sorry. Don't worry about "daring." Just put em on and do your thing. Here are my tips to make yourself brave: 1. Wear a well-known brand like Adidas. The universally-recognizable 3 stripes helps out A LOT in a subtle way, especially in your mind..... it makes even my crazy-shiny Adidas Japan stuff easier to wear. Regular ppl have no super sexual interest in gear like this, so their eye goes from WOW that's shiny, to, oh yeah, those are just track pants in a millisecond. That thought makes me way more comfortable. And if someone DOES have a super sexual interest in it, their thinking is HOLY SHIT that guy has balls. 2. Black is a lot easier to pull off that anything else. It goes with almost any other colour. White gets transparent quickly and precum through shiny white basketball shorts is really noticeable. 3. Night is your friend. Super shiny stuff looks a little out of place or is more noticeable during the day. At night it sort of blends in more. Remember that around sunset, stuff that is Chile 62-level shiny almost looks metallic silver-white, it is so shiny, so avoid that time if you think you will be self-conscious. 4. Bad weather is your friend. A little bit of rain or snow makes the gear look more technical than fetishy. 5. Pockets are super important. It is a big thrill to walk around in this stuff outside when really its main purpose -- why you bought it-- was to jerk off at home. My insane-level-of-shiny Adidas Japan trackpants are so kinky to me that my boner is uncontrollable. If I wear satin boxers underneath, I can make it a few steps outside before getting ultra-rock-hard .... like memories of being 15 years old level of hardness.... and about a block or two before I blow my load. Put your hands in your pockets if you need to hide what is going on down there. And I have seen some of you other freaks out on the street--- guys, it has to be BOTH hands----- one hand in the pocket and nervous expression on your face makes you look like you're holding your dick. One fun thing to do is spot the guy wearing basketball shorts with one hand in his pocket and go up to him and start chatting. Hey man, how's it going? Do you have the time? Do you need a hand with anything? ..... and watch them shit bricks. 6. Shiny top or bottom but not both. I admire anyone willing to wear shiny gear head-to-toe --- but this pretty much reads as fetish to anyone else if you're a white guy. Asian guys and I guess black guys can pull this off. If I were asian I would wear crazy clothes all the time. To any reader-- if you're asian and not dressing crazy, you're wasting your life. For white guys, look at how Justin Bieber balances shiny stuff as a guide. He'll wear a shiny leather jacket and leather pants as a costume to perform in, but for streetwear it's almost always either one or the other. Black on black works well. Bieber used to do this with his leather shorts... the ones he was wearing when he got picked up by the cops look amazing on him... that brand is satin-lined and I hope he didn't ruin the experience by wearing underwear.... 7. Have a "straight guy" reason for dressing that way and you'll feel more naturally confident.... like, I lounge around at home in shiny basketball shorts with no underwear all the time, and I just needed to go around the corner to get something at the convenience store, so I didn't bother to change.... or I'm going to the gym and wearing trackpants is what one does when he goes to the gym.... 8. Doing some weightlifting and keeping in good shape massively increases confidence. Fat and alcohol are extremely calorie-dense substances; your body will burn these first and generally will store calories from carbohydrates. So if your diet includes fat, alcohol and carbs, those carbs are all being converted to fat and being stored on your bod, permanently. If you are not fit, start with walking daily, work up to jogging and eventually work up to going to a gym and get a trainer. 9. Just have a mindset to look and feel confident. If you see a neighbour, walk over and say hi. Their eyes might dart for a second but your comfort level is a great disguise. The look you're trying to avoid is Stephen Harper in his cowboy outfit (google it). I was freeballing in basketball shorts one day with a massive boner, hands in pockets, when I ran into a senior work colleague. Big smile. Oh, hi James, how's it going, what are you up to, happy, relaxed, not slinking away. People will follow your cues.
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    Brit at it Again

    From the album Fall Out Girl's

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    new from canada

    i'm canadian
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    Love those adidas pants on you
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    From the album Me In Rain Suit!

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    From the album Women in shiny nylon

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    From the album It's me

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    You might not believe it but that actually is my pants.... I send it to her to make the video's in. She send it back after a few video's. If you want any more information on where to get the video's and who she is let me know.
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    From the album tirakkrev's pictures

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    From the album Sport short girls!

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    From the album Very shiny girls

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    From the album Very shiny girls

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    From the album RemixedCat

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    From the album Unlined nylon pants

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    Sex in adidas nylon.

    oh wow awesome suits! A video of this would be amazing!
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    80s swish

    From the album Shellsuit

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    From the album new nylon finds