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    Rapper girl in metallic wind pants

    she is in some silver metallic wind pants pretty much through out the whole video.
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    Swishy pants collection

    My collection currently is: Around 30+ pairs of windpants/nylon pants/trackies/swishy pants; mainly Adidas, Nike, Reebok, preferably cotton lined. About 25 down jackets; mainly North Face Nuptses. I wish I had some Monclers. One Mountain Hardwear down suit And around 6 pairs of down pants (Feathered Friends, REI), and down bibs (90s REI kind). I really should do an inventory lol...
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    Just went to store in my red Adidas tiro 15 pants

    I'll bet the complainer wears ugly skinmny jeans. lmao
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    Hi My Story

    Hi everyone my name is Julia as I said I’ve been into nylon windpants swishy pants any type of swishy material lol. When I was younger I had a baby sitter who was a cheerleader at my local high school. She always watched me either before or after her practices and she always wore black nylon wind pants, they were here warm ups. She soon figured out that I as a little kid thought the noise was funny and she wore them every time to make me happy. That’s basically how I got into it

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