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    The 2018 Adidas Adibreak pants and genders

    I also love this pants and I have take one for my girl. before reading this post I didn't know about this difference, and I don't think it's very well known to the people
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    The 2018 Adidas Adibreak pants and genders

    Hello all! All of you that have chatted with me know that I have a huge crush for Adidas Adibreak pants, commonly called "popper pants". Mainly the 90's vintage versions but recently also the reproduction ones from 2018. Now, they do come in both female and male versions. The difference being a lack of Adidas logo on one leg and with a think seam at the front of the legs for the female one. They also differ in color schemes but that seems to be all. I have just quickly tried the female version and realy loved it! It has a slightly thinner polyester fabric and is like insanely comfy! As they realy are just trackpants, is it OK for a guy to wear them? Do you think people would notice it, and if so consider the guy to like cross-dress? I hope my wuestion makes sense!
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    2 girls in rainwears playing in a pool


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