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    Does your shiny nylon fetish combine with any other fetishes?

    I like my nylon warm or hot , so standing next to a radiator or in front of the fire place , or having a hairdryer held over me turns me on also ironing my nylon . I love the feel of the warm fabric and smell .
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    Where buying shiny nylon pants

    https://www.adidas.com/us/shiny-pants/GC8755.html Shiny Adidas pants with side pocket
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    Weekly swishy wear

    Unlined windpants, down jackets, nylon rainwear, nike windrunner jackets. I even sleep in unlined nylon windpants.
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    Does your shiny nylon fetish combine with any other fetishes?

    Hi everyone. Ive been visiting this site for many years but ive only just made my first account . Im a massive shiny nylon fan. I like them tight and revealing a shiny bulging cameltoe. Im also in to being shrunk. I like the idea of being 2 inches tall while masturbating against a giant shiny nylon cameltoe. Does anyone else have any other fetishes that you incorporate in to the world of shiny nylon? I use photoshop to create images of my nylon cameltoe dreams. How bout you?
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    kway fashion show

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    Where buying shiny nylon pants

    Hello! Where I can get shiny nylon pants ! Like Adidas, Nike, those with Side pocket, unlined, and noisy!! For my New Girl Friend! Thx!
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    Weekly swishy wear

    So everyone here is into nylon clothes. What nylon do you wear on daily/weekly basis? Windpants, full windsuit, snowpants, snowsuits, etc?
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    Where buying shiny nylon pants

    App you can search for nylon clothes
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    Weekly swishy wear

    I used to never wear nylon/wind pants outside the house because I got rock hard whenever I put them on. But now I wear them when it's cold and I'm going for a jog/run, but usually have headphones on. Just curious what you consider snow pant? I think of insulated nylon snow bibs. Do you have any down suits?
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    How do you like your nylon

    I'd say clean and crisply folded is my favourite way to keep my pants and jackets before I slip them on and enjoy the feeling of their smooth coolness swishing against my skin then I get so hot in both regards being enclosed inside them lol, especially if I layer them up lots
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    Your turn on ....

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    Hi My Story

    Hi everyone my name is Julia as I said I’ve been into nylon windpants swishy pants any type of swishy material lol. When I was younger I had a baby sitter who was a cheerleader at my local high school. She always watched me either before or after her practices and she always wore black nylon wind pants, they were here warm ups. She soon figured out that I as a little kid thought the noise was funny and she wore them every time to make me happy. That’s basically how I got into it
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    Hi My Story

    I love that swishy pants.

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