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    Hello, I'm Daisyboy

    I love your pictures so far! Soo sexy! I’d love to see you in shiny Adidas/Kappa polyester pants ;*
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    Hello, I'm Daisyboy

    Let's see what my wardrobe gives.
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    Who else wife wears Adidas pants?

    Yeah. She loves nylon pants but especially the nylon satin soccer shorts. She used to play in the late 90s and early 00s.
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    SNA Rain Site

    I've just ordered one of the compilations yesterday-They give you 24 hours to do your thing...They treat their content like it's special or something.SNA doesn't want to just put everything up individually from each lady,so,I'll just wait until (if) they make all of Jill's content available,along with Leonie,then just check for appealing updates every so often.This is what happens when there's no competition on the market.
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    Hello, I'm Daisyboy

    o.k. guys, i do what i can.
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    Hello, I'm Daisyboy

    I would love to see you in nylon pants
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    Overusage of ads, acceptable ads and how to use ads CORRECTLY

    Oh boy......the topic I'm going to talk about today is the "Over-usage of ads, acceptable ads and how to use ads correctly". Let me tell something right now: I am a not a huge fan of ads (especially the over-use of ads). I especially H-A-T-E flash ads (because of the annoyance of them and the fact that they are not secure and can potentially let viruses onto your computer/laptop/tablet). This is ONE of the reasons why I have Anti-Virus Protection (McAfee's a good one), Ad-blocker and Privacy Badger. Websites that over-use Ads (ESPECIALLY FLASH ADS) get Ad-blocked from my Ad-Blocker (because, seriously, Flash Ads can go die in a fire). I get the point that Websites need to make money. Here's the problem, though: perhaps the websites should LOOK at why the traffic is lower than normal or nonexistent. Some websites get carried away with Ads. Perhaps that the websites CAN use them CORRECTLY (and not have 2,000 (I.E. WAY TOO MANY) Ads all over the website). Here are my rules that determine if a website gets Ad-blocked from my Ad-blocker or not: 1. The website in question MUST not use MORE than 3 Ads (NO EXCEPTIONS)! 2. Flash Ads are COMPLETELY out. (Not to mention, what I said above about the Flash Ads is true). 3. Don't have the "Ad-blocker blocker" on your website. (It makes the webmaster look foolish). (Also, Forbes did that at one point and somebody ended up getting malware). 4. DO NOT ASK IF YOU WANT ME TO TURN IT OFF! (You MAY ask if you WANT to be white-listed, but follow Rules 1-5 above). 5. DO NOT TRY TO FORCE ADS DOWN MY THROAT! (This is WAY too common, I find, on half the websites out there). Also, F--- the ad industry. They WANT to jam Ads down our throats. F--- them. I'm not ENTIRELY against Ads, but it's HOW the website uses them that determines if I ever visit their website again or not. I've heard that some websites apparently spam Ads in your e-mail (which is pretty stupid in itself, because who wants Ads in their e-mail)? Fortunately, www.shinysports.com always follow those 5 rules I set above (which is the reason I decided to whitelist THIS website). I have FOUR websites that are white-listed RIGHT NOW. FOUR websites - that's because HALF the websites out there INSIST on breaking my rules and some of them break Rules 4 and 5 IMMEDIATELY. (The other half uses Ads incorrectly and spams 5,000 Ads down your throat). I'm sorry - I generally don't trust 90% of the websites out there (just because of their over-usage of ads AND the fact that some use FLASH ADS). Like I said, if the Webmaster ISN'T making money and the Webmaster is using 5,000 Ads - well, that's why the website is FAILING! I mean, really, WHO wants to go to a website that slows down your computer/laptop/tablet TO A CRAWL? I SURE DON'T! Also, the Webmaster is probably using Ads INCORRECTLY. I'm sorry if I'm ranting......but seriously, I just had to get this off my chest. Like I said......PLEASE use Ads correctly (AND NEVER USE FLASH ADS). When I said the Flash Ads are a huge security risk, I mean it. Here are some websites that EXPLAIN why the majority of people get annoyed and possibly ANGRY with Ads (it probably explains it better than I could): https://www.vieodesign.com/blog/new-data-why-people-hate-ads https://thinkgrowth.org/if-we-all-hate-ads-so-much-why-do-they-still-exist-f3db2261c40c?gi=107a568749f5 www.mediapost.com/publications/article/324059/it-turns-out-that-advertisers-hate-ads-too.html https://morningconsult.com/2017/09/23/consumers-love-hate-ads-wont-pay-escape/ I don't necessarily HATE advertising myself, but it's HOW you use the advertising that may get people to "abandon ship" off of the website. I'll be back with more pictures of myself. I suppose this is KIND of a pointless topic, but I just had to get that out of the way.
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    Swishy pants collection

    My favorite pants in my collection is my viking windigo women nylon rain pants with pu coating. I also have all colors of the adidas adna rev pants models in my collection

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