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  1. shinygirl


    Pics of me in my shiny nylon and spandex clothings.
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  2. Sockless

    Shiny shorts

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  3. iloveshiny

    The good shiny stuff

    Girls in shiny polyester adidas pants & other mixed brands.
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  4. dazzlequeen376

    tearaway pants and more

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  5. threestripes1

    shiny sports wear

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  6. Mikus30

    Fetish world

    The best from my shell suits and NEW PICS
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  7. nylonfan

    Ironing and folding nylon.

    Enjoying my K-way suit, Trespass jacket, and Sondico rain pants with silver lining.
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  9. Quenther


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  10. adidas2sl2

    nike america

    A very small sample of my collection with a few Adidas favorites in there.
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