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  1. I like your pants!
  2. That girls cute af
  3. Hey, does anyone know how to post pictures from the galary in their phone without having to use the IRL format?

    I have some pvc clothing im looking to sell, if anyone has further questions about purchasing please pm me, im looking to get rid of this stuff dirt cheap instead of throwing it in the trash.




  4. Shes so sexy!
  5. Got a new sauna suit coming in the mail soon, now that its not so cold out anymore Ill get togo out in public more without it being so cold, cant wait to get sweaty and it and get some looks from strangers ;)

  6. Hot
  7. Would anyone be interested in trading pants?

  8. Her hand should be over alittle further ;), you should make a video with this one sabrina!
  9. You have such a nice ass!
  10. I wish they made a sauna suit thats black on the outside and silver inside!, and have other reversible colors!!

  11.  So today I desided to try something different, I'v always kept my fetish to myself, but today I took it to a whole new level, I had acouple arons to run so I manned up and wore my plastic pants out in public ;), to see what kind of reactions I'd get, It was very hot knowing I use these pants to get off in but I did get some looks from afew people, it was great, I wanna try going to more populated areas to see if I get any compliments next! :D

    Has anyone else ever tryed doing this?

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    2. plasticpants


      Nice, thats the next place im thinking wearing them caz i wanna get them all sweaty inside, i find alot of people wear just regular nylon pants so no one notices, but i wore sauna suit pants so there pretty loud when you walk, thats when you'll get reactions!

    3. NylonPantFan


      I wish I was where you are, nylon pants are a very rare around here.

    4. plasticpants


      Haha, yeah its hot to see women wearing them, but i wish more people would wear plastic pants, i want to get the rush someday of asking someone for their pants!! :D

  12. I wish she was ontop of me doing that!
  13. I bought this suit today, im so excited!
  14. hey

    Does anyone have an old sauna suit they can sell me?


  15. You should do this in a sauna suit