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May 8, 2012
Classifieds Rules:

Any content commercial or retail in nature must be posted in this section.

Soliciting or promoting goods and services through profile posts, private messages, signatures, comments and forum posts is not allowed under any circumstance.

Signatures may not contain direct links to retail or commercial pages. However, a link to a thread in this classifieds forum that direct users to external pages is allowed.

Links to external sales pages are allowed but you may only create one thread, for this purpose, in this forum.

Additional threads will result in warnings and a ban if necessary.

Include at least one image of the item in the post.


Staff is not responsible for sales conducted through the service and have no involvement with payments or goods exchanged between members.

Staff recommends to use existing retail services (eBay, OfferUp, Mercari etc.) to handle the transactions in order to give standard protections to both the buyer and seller.
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