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Mar 13, 2021
Hey, well I thought I would introduce myself now the section is up.

I have been interested in girls wearing sportswear - in particular adidas clothing as long as I can remember, I think it must have been mid/late 90s when i was a teenager and girls were wearing adidas/kappa tracksuits all the time in the UK (think it was a sporty spice thing!), i thought they looked nice but then i remember a girl i had a huge crush on had a blue adidas firebird jacket she used to wear all the time.
When I started work I remember buying my then girlfriend a white Kappa jacket as she was at college and liked them but had no money at the time and I think she eventually got a couple of others too.

The jackets and tracksuits come in and out of fashion and i still love seeing girls wearing them, I have amassed a nice collection of jackets over the years and as you may have seen am a keen buyer of clips and custom videos from girls wearing them - I know the niche is really specific and as i could never find clips and content featuring the outfits, i soon worked out it was possible to have someone make it exactly to my tastes.

I am always happy to discuss adidas gear and recommend content makers, I occasionally write short fiction about girls wearing adidas (mainly for exaggerated customs) which maybe one day ill post on here. i was pleased to be made a mod on here as its a genre I am really passionate about.
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