Short Exotic Fiction


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Mar 18, 2011
It was a rainy day of fishing with no bites so I drove the boat back to the dock I had on my Columbia storm bibs and jacket over my bikini and xtratuf boots and when I got to the dock no one was in sight so I tied up the boat and started the mile walk back to my car passing along some abandoned warehouses and that’s when I heard a bunch of voices when they heard my nylon rainwear they got quiet and I just kept walking then two of them stepped out and grabbed both of my arms then the rest came out quickly and they tied my feet and hands together must have been about 20 of them they carried my body into the one of the warehouses and the tied my arms apart to a chain link fence and proceeded to unzip my nylon jacket and took my bikini top off and then moved to my Columbia storm bib pants and cut off my bikini bottoms stuffed my bikini in my mouth to keep me quiet then started to rub me all over my nylon bibs and breasts under my already unzipped jacket they all looked at each other and said this will be a fun evening I was so scared at this moment that I tried to scream but couldn’t they untied my hands from the fence and moved me to the middle of the warehouse and tied my hands together  with the rope over a beam keeping me on my toes then removed my boots to reveal my bare feet 13 of them began to stroke themselves by rubbing their cocks on my pants and the others were licking my nylon and breasts then couple of them blew their loads on my nylon bibs and just kept jerking them selves two by two they just kept unloading more and more *** on my bibs I could already barely even see the black of my nylon bibs due to so much *** they just kept on going finally after about 40 minutes of endless *** being shot all over my nylon bibs they lowered me down and proceeded to unload more on my jacket after zipping my jacket up and hood finally they started to look like they were finished they started to hump me over my nylon bibs and jacket from every angle then they took me down to the water I couldn’t believe what had happened then they threw me into the water and left only saying thanks for the good time so I began to wash all the *** off my rainwear and got to my car and headed home when I noticed a note saying anytime you want to test your rainwear out again just leave a note on the fence in the warehouse


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