the V.C.S Scientist I - II


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Feb 3, 2021
The Virtual cyber sex scientist.

By S. Henschel

Chapter I

The Decision

One day I decided to check out the new pornsite I've found coincidentally by surfing thru the dark web. There also was an side advertisement and i don't know why it was attractive to me but from now on i had it in my head. Later when I was bored i thought back to the advertisement. It was without nudity or similar, only text and some special colors. But i decided to have an look. The homepage for it self was even unspectacular just like the advertisement. There was a picture of an nice Woman in an black Catsuit which was really tight, she got knee-length heel boots on and she got a little silver colored thing in her hand and also she was smiling a bit diabolical ... But that was all, there was a text what was written like an phishing homepage. Like "so you want that special feeling, i can give it to you. But only me, you only have to give me your okay... Blah blah... There are no hidden fees or else, I only need your okay and we will have pleasure without ending."
Sounds like an deal with the devil, i thought and closed the page. It was to good to be true and btw why she thought she'd know what is pleasure to me?
But her picture have been really attractive and i became hard, my red puma pants already had become wet so i touched me and rubbed until I loaded my pants.

2 days later... I had an small black postcard in my letterbox. The front was black without anything and on the backside was written "now it's your decision, you can only do once"
"I know you want it but you must say it"
I was confused, whaaaaat...? And how ... Must be this advertisement ... Why they got my address, who is that? And even if I wanted, how i should tell them anything? Should I talk to the post card?
I looked at all sides of the card but i didn't found any cables or what ever i expected to find, it was simply an postcard.
So i looked up to the sky, as I wanted to tell god something, and said unbelieving "yes okay, i want it". But i didn't thought anything will happen. I went up in my home and made an coffee while I was dressing up in an comfy puma suit in Black with red pants. As I was sitting in front of my laptop an popup opened, showing a video as I rubbed my pants last time... Whaaaaat is going on here? I must have been infected by an computer virus i thought and began to sweat. As directly an other popup opened. It was an chatbox...
X: is that what you need?
Me: uhm, what?
Me: who are u?
X: isn't necessary...
X: do you like what the video shows?
Me: ............
X: you there?
X: you said, okay i want it.

I was confused, too many questions were running thru my head... But then i thought ok let's play a game and later I will re-install my laptop just to be safe.

Me: yes I am here, but i am confused about what is going on here.
Me: and yes I like that feeling of slick and smooth materials on my skin.
X: oh that's fine. Me too.
X: I'm doing an experiment about pleasure, obsession, obeying and also feelings combined with materials. In one word Fetishism.
Me: and what about me in this case?
X: you .... are my subject!
X: if you say yes...
Me: and what I got to do?
X: let's meet... Now! You got 20min!

Now an picture was displayed from an house not too far from my home. So i have to get there i thought I pulled on my puma sneakers and walked on.
As I arrived an sexy secretary was waiting for me looking at her clock. She was nondescript but still sexy. She got an white shiny Blouse but with an invisible zip instead of knobs, an black pleated skater skirt and ultra shiny red tights. To the outfit she wore black and also shiny ankle boots. The colors, the outfit all as I preferred und i had to concentrate to not get hard at her look... She said "let's go up, we have to clear some details"

Chapter II

The CrazyMoFoAlienSh#t or even The big Magic Dingdong

As we got finally in her office my first thoughts were: it's very clean here. A desk and chair, an big Couch and that's it. Some flowers here and there but nothing else... She told me to take a seat at the couch and i did. She went quickly in the room next to us and came back with an glass of water and some paperwork. "We first have to do this few papers" she said and i was wondering.... Papers, really? Where are i...?
But she was very smart and also sooo sexy that i didn't thought about anything but her shiny legs. How would her butt under the skirt looks like, would there be an zip between her legs, maybe I could have a look later and taste the sweets.
She gave me the water and sat down next to me with the papers in her hand. I began to sweat, what did she had done, it felt hotter and hotter so i drank the water hopefully it will help against the heat in me and as I wanted to read what's written in the papers she touched my pants nearly casually... Rustling ... Instantly i got hard, i couldn't resist anyway. Then she even touched more, rustling here rustling there but she didn't touched my **** directly, but all around. And she smiled, like the diabolical smile from the webpage, and observed my reaction..... Like she was fucking my mind direktly... I wanted to read the papers even if I can't concentrate as I was sleeping in. I couldn't resist.

As I woke up again nobody was around there, nothing was there, it was an clean room and i was laying on the floor. Uhm, must be an strange dream, where am I? It looked different from were i was slept in and i lifted me up. First I noticed that my **** was somehow heavier than normal and i looked what's in my pants. Besides my shorts had gone i now got that cage slipped on my ****. I read in the www about those things but this one had no lock or keyhole, nowhere never seen something like this... What the......? Somehow I will get that away but where are my shorts, i have to go... After looking around I decided to go even without my shorts. It was a strange feeling with that swinging heavy thing in my pants and the pants were so loud rustling i thought ... swish, swish, swish ... Would someone see what's up? It felt like my **** was as huge as an zucchini and i looked down but it wasn't like i thought it just looked normal. The more I walked around the more it felt like i get hard, it felt like someone would stroke my **** and it was hard to look like someone just walking around.

Back home i thought about how to get that thing of my **** and looked everywhere on it how it would open, but i couldn't find any openings as my laptop started without turning it on.
The chatbox opened again.

X: still alright?
Me: uhm... did you done?
X: it's all ok, you signed the Agreement. I've sent a copy to your email.
Me: ...
Me: what is this at my ****?
X: it's kinda cockcage. But it's from an newly Alien inspired smart nanotechnology. Could be that breakthrough!
Me: what?
X: equal, you can read the copy I've sent everything is written in there.
X: i have installed some sensors and electrodes in your body, everywhere it's necessary so I can remote and control your feelings...
X: also you got an chip in your head now, so i know what you're doing and will get an direct brain response.
X: those sensors help me to know what your body feels, and that electrodes help me to control and adjust your feelings...
Me: and how you will know that i like that?
X: i don't want to explain, let's say i know more about you than you want
X: that's why you were psychologicaly chosen
Me: okay ... So what now?
X: let's see... What about this...?

The chatbox closed by itself and now I got thoughts to pull on the spandex suit what was left by my ex girlfriend. And like an robot i went to the closet and pulled it on. It felt amazing it was like climax all over my body anything felt so good, i touched all over and wanted to rub my **** but i don't felt anything at my ****. Shortly i was upset, whaaaaat? But then the orgasm began to start slowly from inside. After a short time i was squirming like an worm and my whole body was vibrating untill I exploded like an pornstar.
But there was nothing coming out of me, no dripping *** and i was confused again. It was the orgasm of my life i thought but somehow it's strange.... Now it was late and i was tired from this disturbing day and i slept in.


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