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May 8, 2012
Hello all

I have made some updates to the community this weekend:

Gallery Changes
I wanted to announce that there are now some limitations on total uploads to the gallery
You can check how much storage you have available on the upload page:

  • New members for the first week have 5 GB of storage
  • Members registered for at least 1 week have 10 GB of storage
  • MVPs and staff members have 25 GB of storage

This is to ensure that we can continue to have storage left over for future members and planning for the long term success of the community

As much as I wish I could give everyone infinite storage to share media of their gear it does cost money to store data
I hope this change is understood by all as a sensible choice

If you find you need more storage let the staff know and we will try to come up with some solutions

Please do not try to get around these limits by creating more accounts

A new rule has been added that members are limited to one account only

About MVPs
  • We give out MVP status to members who have been shown to share quality content and stay in good standing with the community rules and guidelines
  • We will not give MVP status to members who have warnings on their accounts

About Warnings
  • Warnings are issued for rule or guideline violations
  • Warnings will not be issued for content posted in the wrong section before the new rules were made public
  • If there are multiple violations of the same kind found from a member at the same time it will be treated as a single violation and 1 warning point will be given to the member
  • Warning points expire a month from when they are issued
  • If a member reaches 3 warnings they will be temporarily banned for 7 days
  • If they have another violation after that they will be banned permanently
  • I believe this is necessary to make sure we have a growing community and those who are not respectful of our boundaries are removed

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