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Breguet Type XXI 3810 Replica Watch 3810TI/H2/3ZU


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What should a High Quality Replica watches that has been battle-tested and never tire of look like?

This year, Breguet has added a new work to the Tradition series-the Tradition series 7597 date retrograde watch. Tradition handed down series is inspired by Breguet's historical timepiece subscription reservation pocket watch in 1796. With simple and elegant style, Breguet's classic aesthetic design, and unobstructed movement structure, Tradition handed down series presents unique charm. (Watch model: 7597BB/G1/9WU)

This new Tradition handed down series 7597 date retrograde watch is made of 18K white gold. The side of the case is decorated with Breguet's classic coin pattern, which adds to the exquisiteness of the watch, and can also increase the surface. The degree of friction. The slim bezel expands the display space of the dial and enhances legibility.

The crown on the side of the swiss replica watches is engraved with Breguet's brand logo "B", and the surrounding is non-slip texture design, which is convenient for the wearer to grasp and adjust the time.

The dial presents a symmetrical layout, highlighting the aesthetic concept of the Breguet brand. The off-centre hour and minute display plate is located at the 12 o'clock position of the dial, decorated with the Paris nail pattern, which adds a delicate charm to the watch. It complements the blue steel Breguet hands and Roman numeral hour markers. The lower part of the dial presents the precise mechanical structure of the movement. The balance wheel (located at 4 o'clock) and the center wheel (located at 8 o'clock) form a symmetrical layout.

The retrograde date display is located between 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock. The arc-shaped pointer indicating the date adopts a multi-level design and moves on a vertical plane. When the pointer moves to the last day of each month, it can instantly jump to the first day of the next month.replica watches for sale

The arc-shaped pointer used to indicate the date is presented in a multi-level design, and it is drawn across the sophisticated mechanical structure, which is quite lively and interesting. The balance wheel is equipped with the famous "parachute" shock absorber (Pare-chute), which was invented by Mr. Breguet in 1790 and is the pioneer of all shock absorbers today. In 2005, the Tradition series was born, and the "parachute" shock absorber (Pare-chute) re-entered people's sight.

The watch is equipped with a blue crocodile leather strap, elegant and generous, showing a gentleman's demeanor. The strap has a white gold folding clasp.

The movement is equipped with a 505Q self-winding movement. The movement is sandblasted and equipped with Breguet's multiple technologies: "parachute" (pare-chute) shock absorber, reverse linear lever escapement, silicon The pallet fork, silicon Breguet hairspring, etc., have a power reserve of 50 hours. The gold oscillating weight of the movement is very special, and its design is derived from the famous movement in history.

When the precision machinery beating between square inches, exquisite, charming and ingenious, it interprets the elegant and avant-garde design concept, let us have to sigh, Breguet's outstanding strength in watchmaking. Tradition handed down series 7597 date retrograde watch white gold model, if you are interested in this watch friends, you can pay more attention to it.jacob and co astronomia price

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