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Shiny Windbreakers and Windpants for sale

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I have some shiny windbreakers and windpants up for sale. Transactions can go through ebay and PayPal, or directly through PayPal. The second option is cheaper because then there are no ebay fees. Shipping cost is 28 USD usually (it depends on the weight of the parcel). Shipment will be made as Priority/Express mail anywhere. Prices are ebay prices, but if you want to buy outside ebay then 8% off of all items. If you want to buy through ebay then I'll send you the listing and you can buy it/them there. I have at least 15 more, but I'm too lazy to list all of them at once, plus I need to make pictures of those too. All items are in perfect condition. No rips, no holes, no other kind of damage. For any other details feel free to contact me here on the thread or in PM. 

1. Reebok windbreaker - size M - 29 USD


2. Epson windbreaker - size XL - 35 USD


3. Herbold trackie top - Size XL - 35 USD


4. Title Boxing windpants - size XL - 20 USD


5. Sol's windbreaker - Size XL - 22 USD


6. US Basic windbreaker - size L - 29 USD


7. CLS windbreaker - size M - 25 USD


8. Adidas windbreaker - size XL - 45 USD


9. Unbranded Norway windbreaker - size M - 25 USD


10. Gonso windbreaker - size L - 28 USD



11. Unbranded windbreaker - size L - 25 USD



12. Colt Jeans windbreaker - size XL - 30 USD


13. Assyriska windbreaker - size XL - 29 USD


14. Tipico windbreaker - size XL - 23 USD



15. Unbranded windbreaker - size XL - 23 USD

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