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I have 2 pairs of an unknown brand of nylon pants. 1 is black (w/white stripe), 1 is purple (also with white stripe).



I have 2 pairs of an unknown brand of nylon pants.  1 is black (w/white stripe), 1 is purple (also with white stripe).

I did check the tags to see if they had any information on the brand of both my pairs of nylon pants - I found no such things.

Here are the pics:


As you can see here, there's no logo, or embroidery, or anything like that.  I mean, I have no idea what brand of nylon pants these two pairs are.   I mean, I can TRY to find pics of these on the internet, but who knows what kind of information I could find on these two unknown brand pairs of nylon pants.   I mean, Adidas nylon pants have the Adidas Logo on the front of them and the Nike Nylon Pants also have the Nike Logo on the front of them.  I mean, I'll show you the front side of both of my pants too:


See, these pants don't have ANY logos on them (front OR back).

Also, take a look at these pics too:


See, they have no tags to identify which brand they are.  I got these from my Goodwill, so maybe somebody cut off the tags or maybe they made without tags (it can happen).

If anybody can find out (or tell me) which brand of nylon pants THESE are, I'll thank you from the bottom of my heart.   

See you later.

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