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Wearing shiny nylon pants to the gym


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after my Grandpa died this past Valentines Day (tell me about it; worst day it could be, right!?), i took custody of his nine year old male dog; a teacup yorkshire terrier with frightful seperation anxieties.  needless, its a terrific convenience for both of us.  he now has an owner who is multiples more engaging with him than Grandpa could be, and, when we go for walks, females flock to him as if its magnetism.  i dont need to beg women any more; pup does it for me!  hehe  and of course, i wear my gear when im out getting the blood pumping and my little wolf snooping.  i generally carry on well with my overtures to the ladies, and i often am complimented for the classy, sporty style i exhibit.  however, now with dog in tow, my success with women has been improved.


all this having been said, i usually only go to a gym to either meet and socialize with friends or coworkers, or, to use a specific facility; swimming pool, massage table, racquetball, etcetera.  oh, this reminds me; my last two massage sessions, the female masseuse (the gym has two masseur staffers.  the girl works mornings, i believe.) said my windpants were cute!  first time she commented, I was wearing adidas blacks with yellow stripes.  most recently, i wore my bright, bright baby blue adidas with white stripes.  she wears sports gear to work, is fun to talk to, even more fun to look at..  the right compliment from the right person can sure lift the spirits!  hmm..  im thinking ill take doggie in with me next time, and see if i can "sniff a little butt" of my own.  XD

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