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Nike tracksuit



I need help to find suit just like picture..

Does some one know, where get these suit ?

it's awesome shiny and slippery nylon material!

i'm ready to buy some..

what i know:

-brand: Nike

-Selling: China district (at least been for sale)

-Colours: at least, blue and pink

here are some links



(it has been for sale in there china site but i didn't find it and i don't understand china)

waiting good replies :)

Big thanks for the efforts!




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Yes it really is.. I think so too :) thats why i tryed hard to find it. So far i haven't found it....

That adidas fafi suit would be good but that's same hard to find..

If some one know where to buy notify me!

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Hi rab, sorry I've only seen these on chinese sites. I think they're from 2011 or 2010 and only sold there so I don't think it's likely it'll be sold anywhere else. :( There are alot of services online that buy from Chinese sites for you and ship to the US for a fee that you can look into.

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