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Who has had someone accidentally find your shiny pictures on your computer?


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Has anyone ever been on your computer and accidentally found your folder containing all your shiny nylon photos? What did they say? If it was your partner, what punishment did you get? My girlfriend found mine. Boy did i get punished, im 4ft1, my girlfriend is 6ft10, sounds crazy but we met on a macrophillia site for tall woment seeking short guys, she loves dominating and i love being dominated, i think my giantess fetish comes from being really short already, She has a pair of 18 inch platforms that kinda look like horse hoofs, when she puts them on i can stand between her legs with about 8 or 9 inches between the top of my head and her lady parts. Shs 8ft4 with those platforms. She punished me by putting those shoes on and making me jump to kiss her shiny nylon ares and cameltoe, also she made me stand against the wall while she danced slowly wiggling her hips and kneeling slightly to rub my face with her nylon clad arse and cameltoe while pushing me hard against the wall. The main punishment was that i was not allowed to touch myself.

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