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Found 8 results

  1. tray123

    Cum on adidas leggings

    From the album: Adidas



    Giving my self a orgasm in my favorite shiny shorts with a magic wand vibrator! I have had this fetish for these type of shorts since I was 12.
  3. sushitomb

    Spontanous handjob in my nylon shorts

    From the album: My Nylon Stuff

    My wife at first wanted only to warm her fingers, then she got evil and startet to tease me. One word lead to another and then she made me cum in them.
  4. tray123

    Cum on adidas trackies

    From the album: Adidas

  5. tray123

    Cumshot on adidas pants

    From the album: Adidas

  6. tray123


    Hi all, Im a 21yr old male, I'm really into adidas tracksuits and down jackets, I wank with them and on them regularly. I love seeing girls wear adidas, wondered if any of you want to discuss it further?
  7. tray123

    Woman in full body adidas suit

    From the album: Adidas

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