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    Double nuptses, double the fun
  4. Nuptse-lingerie.jpg


    Double nuptse over lingerie. Sexy as hell!
  5. Layers.jpg


    I was bored so I tried layering all of my nylon pants. That's 10 pairs of regular windbreaker pants, 1 pair of rain pants and 1 pair of snow pants. Plus a Nuptse jacket for good measure!
  6. Pink and white NF nuptse gilet

    Pink and white NF nuptse gilet

  7. Black and white nuptse gilet girls

    Black and white nuptse gilet girls

  8. nuptses and windpants

    nuptses and windpants

  9. tucking nuptses into windpants

    tucking nuptses into windpants

    After putting on 4 layers of down, I tuck them into multiple layers of windpants
  10. Layers upon layers

    Layers upon layers

    4 layers of down jackets tucked into at least 5 layers of windpants
  11. added more layers

    added more layers

    adding another layer of windpants
  12. squeezing several layers of windpants

    squeezing several layers of windpants

  13. Layering down jackets

    Layering down jackets

  14. 4 down jackets layered

    4 down jackets layered

  15. 3 nuptses layered

    3 nuptses layered

  16. 2 nuptses

    2 nuptses

  17. 2 nuptses

    2 nuptses

  18. 2 nuptses

    2 nuptses

  19. Lots of layers

    Lots of layers

  20. layered nylon and down-2

    layered nylon and down-2

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