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Found 1 result

  1. Gearfox

    My Story

    Hola, dear shinysports-lovers! I'm writing from Madrid, Spain, and wonder how many other passionate lovers of shiny sport apparel might exist in Madrid, Spain, Europe and elsewhere in the world? Thousand, millions? Anyway, I'm happy this community is back and we can share our collections, stories and insights. A question that always puzzled me, if our passion is really so rare and special, or if, for some reason, all the shiny sportwear lovers just hide and wear their suits in the closet? Here in Madrid I rarely see enough shiny stuff, but elsewhere in Europe also a rare occasion. Obviously, once i see someone dressed up bright and shiny, the pleasure is incredible and safes the rest of my day I also wonder how you girls and guys discovered your passion? As a child, as a teenie, or later in life? Myself, I'm fascinated about that stuff since I can think, but while growing up the passion became stronger and more intensive. Still, this was before the days of internet, and that time I thought i'm a lonely weirdo, afraid to tell anyone about my fantasies and special love. With time things got better, but still I think far too many of us live their shiny passion hidden and shady closet. Yet, we should be more proud and pride and hope in some time our passions are widely accepted, and our community will grow and spark. I love sharing pictures and alike, but moreover, i like sharing stories insights and ideas. So, let's share more about our searches and quests, about our bright, and shiny moments in life, and maybe also the dark and bitter ones ... I feel, we have something wonderful in common, and I think that something, supershiny bright and special, we should appreciate
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