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Looking for Clothes for tall people (190cm - 200cm)


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i'm looking for some new clothes.

I'm 200cm tall and want something like: PVC, Vinyl, PU, Lack and Polyester.

Jogger, Shorts, Hotpants, Jeans, Leggings, Overall / Suit, Shirts, Jackets and so on.


I like Pattern from Woman, but it doesnt must be.

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Had the same problem until I started to make my own gear. Sometimes I sell a prototype at ebay, if an experiment ended well enough to sell it but I want to improve it further. But I don't  do it as a business.

You can forget standard brands, especially if you look for colors / designs they tie to women.

PU raingear is an exemption. For instance at Farmerrain the nice sail coverall in L fits 190 cm well, so I think with XL 2 m would be ok.

On ebay and Etsy there are a lot of sellers offering a kind of shiny things of their own small scale production. It is worth asking them for a customized piece.

With commercial track pants I started to modify them. Cutting at the thighs and sewing in a tube of fabric of 20 cm length. If you don't want to dive into the skills of sewing you can ask in the tiny tailor's shops downtown. You should buy a suitable fabric on the net and bring it to the shop. For a pant you might negotiate that for less than 20 bucks or euros.

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