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I have now ordered a pair of shorts. The retro football shorts made of nylon in purple with green stripes.

I'm very excited. Hope they fit me.

Maybe someone already has such shorts and can tell me about his experiences. I am really very curious.

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I ordered a pair of shorts there. It looks like an Adidas Sprinter. It fits very well, is nice and tight, but not as tight as the Adidas. The bag is missing on the bottom. But I even like that. Only the quality is not as good as the original from Adidas. The shorts are slightly crooked. The pictures of the shorts are on.

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Just found this thread... I ordered a pair of sprinter in black with white trim too, long ago. But I it's not this smooth like other fabrics. It's like an thick satin and didn't made me very happy... How about you, do you like the fabric?

This is my pair...large.IMG_20210319_063356_9.jpg.e5f71c11c83cbacde9613390a6a432f5.jpg

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For the price, the quality is okay. But DaPa does not come close to the Adidas Sprinter. The cut is already sexy, by the DaPa Sprinter.

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