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Dec 19, 2014
I'm 3stripejacket, and as the name says, I'm a huge adidas and sportswear fan. Tracksuits, jackets, trackpants, football kits, dazzle basketball gear, puffy jackets and vests, high tops and hot sneakers.

It all started way back in school during the 90s, when all the cool guys wore adibreaks. Then came the puffy jackets. Every sexy girl was wearing a puffer and after getting a black Nuptse, I discovered these things can be more than just a clothing. In university, some really hot girls that I adored wore adidas jackets and this got me curious. One day at a sportwear store, I decided to try on a white Firebird with black stripes, just for fun. I've never felt that excited and I was completely amazed what that jacket just did to me. Realized there is something very sexy in sportswear, especially adidas, and it changed my life from thereon. Also had a crush on Sporty Spice at the time, which may have contributed to this.

Over years, I've built a small collection, from very shiny Chile 62 and slick Superstar jackets, moving on to silky football shirts and shorts, swishy windbreakers and nylon pants, ending up loving everything that has three stripes or the trefoil logo on it, the larger the better. And of course, Firebirds, in different colors. For me, this is The Tracksuit, original, raw, untamed and incredibly cool when worn.

Happy to see others have the same passion and being part of this community.


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Feb 3, 2021
I agree too, in the look. They look very sexy, but for me it's not that special feeling like those swishy one's...

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