Men or Women or both.


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Apr 15, 2011
women in shiny shorts (prefered layering)
I don't know if I've seen much (if any) women layering rainwear. There's some stuff for down jackets/pants, like Downgirlz.

I love to see women in swishy pants and jackets as well as moncler and comparable jackets.
Same, wish women would wear swishy pants as much as they wear down jackets :)
I never even looked at q man in shiny nylon until recently. Some of the pics of this website are really good.
So good in fact, that they opened up my eyes and made me realize that i may be bisexual. But i have like 90% attraction towards women. But a hot guy with some adidas swishys might make me change my mind XD
Same. I've wondered if I would have even had bisexual thoughts if there were at least some women who were as interested in fetish clothing (excluding the 5 or so who've been very active on here). It's been surprising and fun to have new thoughts or fantasies that I didn't even know would be exciting to me.


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Apr 19, 2013
Thats cool, im glad im not alone here

i probably would have rejected that side of me if not for this site

But the people here make me feel very comfortable with my sexuality

And i have learned more about myself here in the past 7-8 years than i have really anywhere else on the internet

Not to gush too much. But this community really is like a family to me

Ive grown up checking the new pictures and forum posts since i was in high school

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