Nylon track pants as pajama pants


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Mar 10, 2018
Most of the time, I wear nylon shorts to sleep. Adidas or Erima (which are basically the same). They count as short pants, don't they?! ;)
Yes and someday I do want to get a pair of Adidas nylon shorts and wear them to sleep


Nov 6, 2019
I can't. I get too ***** when I wear them and I can't sleep.
I sleep in mine too. But I usually go to sleep hard and wake up hard.
When I was 11 I would wear them to bed at my grandmas who had a bed in the porch so it was always cold so I would wear my grey hooded sweatshirt and my shiny swishy pants to bed the lined ones. I remember wetting the bed in them and waking up in the middle of the night with my peed in pants and getting really *****. I began to rub the front of my wet pants slow and really fast with my blanket until it began to tickle and tingle until the slightest rub would send me over the edge. I could feel such a intense tickle, my legs were shaking and my toes curled up in my socks. I just closed my eyes and squeezed my tented pants as the pleasure rushed through my body as the tingle and tickle was making my legs shake. I was so weak and tired after the intense orgasm I feel asleep. this incident started my fetish and kink for these pants and continued to this day 35 years later. I found it hard to wear them around my grandma because if she caught me masturbating in these pants she would most likely destroy them.

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